China appeals WTO rule on steel dispute

2012-07-21 09:42:18

China appealed WTO preliminary ruling favoring the US in its claims against Chinese anti-dumping duties on electrical steel products from the US.

Protest over Japan's stance on Diaoyu Islands

2012-07-21 05:39:14

Chinese protest outside the Japanese consulate in New York on July 19 over Japan's stance in a dispute with China over the Diaoyu Islands. Japan on Sunday temporarily recalled its ambassador in Beijing for discussions over the islands, which Tokyo has said it will "nationalize".

The big profits made in the USA

2012-07-21 08:01:47

I hope when the Team USA parades in the opening ceremony in London next Friday, Americans feel proud of the athletes in their uniforms.

DC mayor: Chinese investors welcomed

2012-07-21 02:24:45

The mayor of Washington DC, Vincent Gray, has described China as the best place in the world for international investors to go to find opportunities.

China, US to hold human rights dialogue

2012-07-20 13:42:46

China and the United states will hold a new round of human rights talks in Washington on July 23 and 24.

DC mayor takes capital quest to China

2012-07-20 11:33:21

The capital of the United States is taking steps to attract more Chinese investors, including Dalian Wanda Group, buyer of the AMC cinema chain.

Foreign retailers feel the pinch in China

2012-07-20 11:15:03

The buzz of fast expansion in China comes with a hefty price tag for foreign retail giants.

For students of Chinese, tech tools offer fun and ease

2012-07-20 11:33:21

Fifteen-year-old Michael Rowe had never studied Chinese before June. Two weeks into his course, he can write its intricate characters.

Act of honor

2012-07-20 07:59:52

Lawyer's pro bono work helps right historic injustice done to Chinese.

Kraft Foods invests $20.5 million in Beijing

2012-07-19 15:47:38

The world's snack powerhouse Kraft Foods Inc opened two production lines in its Beijing factory on July 17, an investment worth $20.5 million, announced Kraft on its website.

ABB sets sights on 'designed in China'

2012-07-19 09:46:49

While implementing its "In China, For China" strategy, ABB is now also expanding its goal of bringing products made and designed in China to the world.

Great powers more likely to cooperate

2012-07-19 10:54:11

There has been vigorous debate recently about whether we should be optimistic or pessimistic about the future of Sino-US relations.