Contemporary Chinese art gets NY showing

2012-05-16 04:14:23

The exhibition Chinese Style will show more than 50 contemporary works from artists of China's National Academy of Painting.

Across America: California Chinese Community Demonstration

2012-05-16 03:56:06

Members of Southern California's Chinese community demonstrated on May 11 in front of the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles.

Brick carving from Jin Dynasty shown in New York

2012-05-16 03:56:06

The traditional folk art of brick carving from China's Jin Dynasty (1115-1234) is being shown for the first time in New York through June 17.

Across America: Hong Kong journalists share with US counterparts

2012-05-16 03:56:06

Johnie Floater, an executive with Internet radio broadcaster Live365 Inc, addresses Hong Kong media professionals visiting San Francisco on the first stop of their US study tour on May 13.

US politicians start micro blogs in China

2012-05-15 20:09:42

Dave Heineman, governor of Nebraska in the United States, opened his communication channel with 300 million Chinese users.

Lang Lang wows Manhattan School of Music

2012-05-14 20:47:37

International piano superstar Lang Lang received an honorary doctorate from the Manhattan School of Music on May 11.

West Point cadets greet Liang in Mandarin

2012-05-12 08:02:39

Connie Chen had been expecting a meeting with Defense Minister Liang Guanglie for two weeks.

Drunk-driving American prosecuted

2012-05-11 17:23:25

A US national has been prosecuted in Inner Mongolia autonomous region for injuring a pedestrian while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Peak builds sports brand in US

2012-05-11 18:08:11

Saturation in the Chinese market drove the company to expand abroad.

GE, Shenhua form coal tech venture

2012-05-11 07:47:51

GE and Shenhua plan to make greater use of China's huge reserves, reduce import reliance

Learning to give

2012-05-11 07:51:14

Nonprofit founder aims to narrow education gap for Chinese students

In search of excellence

2012-05-11 07:50:23

Hugo Shong, often called the godfather of Chinese venture capital, has a word of advice for young Chinese entrepreneurs: Work for a US company for at least two years before striking out on their own.