Apple criticized for unfair clauses

2012-07-26 21:14:55

Consumer watchdog in South China's Guangdong province has blamed Apple Inc. for its unfair clauses provided to consumers in after-sale services.

New Oriental involved in US lawsuit

2012-07-26 11:11:43

US investors sued New Oriental and certain executives with violations of federal securities laws, according to an announcement on a US law firm's website.

Sino-US trade, investment conference kicks off

2012-07-26 10:15:12

Chicago continues its efforts to attract more Chinese investment.

Knowing how China's leaders think

2012-07-26 08:04:34

Robert Lawrence Kuhn says the West often doesn't understand the Chinese leadership's key priorities for China, but there seems an exception.

Human rights talks seen as constructive

2012-07-26 11:21:09

A "candid, open and constructive" dialogue that will help deepen mutual understanding, was the verdict on the 17th annual China-US human rights talks.

China, US to work together in Asia-Pacific

2012-07-26 02:54:10

The US and China should work toward positive and stable interaction in the Asia-Pacific region, not confrontation, a top military officer said.

US factories eye home as China costs rise

2012-07-25 11:18:03

After decades of search for lower costs, US manufacturers are finding that factories at home can compete with some low-cost countries.

Closing the cultural divide

2012-07-24 09:59:20

His vision is a world that better understands China. His mission is to start with building bridges in the United States. Zhao Qiguang shares his dreams.

WTO backs China over shrimp dispute

2012-07-24 10:15:14

The WTO Dispute Settlement Body supports China in its claim against the US' anti-dumping measures on Chinese shrimp and diamond sawblades exports.

US adviser arrives in Beijing for talks

2012-07-24 03:37:01

The US National Security Adviser Thomas Donilon will meet with Chinese leaders in talks analysts are describing as a "fire extinguisher" for the two countries.

Homeward bound? Firms mull return

2012-07-23 09:28:38

Rising labor costs and cheaper US energy drive some companies back.

Time to say hi to US wines

2012-07-22 06:49:29

Metropolitan cities like Beijing and Shanghai are seeing a lot of wine-tasting events, organized by major wine-producing countries.