Li calls on US businesses to promote trade

2012-06-28 02:23:01

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang called on US business circles to promote bilateral trade and economic cooperation between China and the US.

Tough US job market sends Chinese home

2012-06-27 16:52:19

Chelsea Hu, who will graduate from the University of Southern California, is among a growing number of graduates who are heading home to China.

US wine's potential in China uncorked

2012-06-22 15:50:49

American wineries are putting a greater effort in marketing to the Chinese palate.

A colorful innovator in ink gets Manhattan show

2012-06-22 12:46:56

Wu Guanzhong is now considered one of the most influential Chinese artists of the 20th century, but he didn't always enjoy such standing.

Big Chinese firms see US sales doubling

2012-06-22 12:46:56

Some of China's best-known brands plan to double sales in the United States over the next few years.

Met showcases China's rich history

2012-06-22 12:46:56

The modern perception of China as more copycat than innovator is belied by a check of game-changing Chinese inventions.

China ends probe over US animal feed

2012-06-22 09:38:05

China's Ministry of Commerce called an end to an anti-dumping investigation over a certain kind of animal fodder imported from the United States.

Group-buying firm withdraws US IPO

2012-06-20 14:36:31

China's group-buying company LaShou Group Inc on Tuesday withdrew its initial public offering plan from the US stock regulator amid market stagnation.

Tencent invests in US gaming company

2012-06-20 14:18:09

Chinese IT giant Tencent Holdings Ltd announced it was acquiring a minority stake in Epic Game Inc, a US-based three-dimensional gaming developer.

A star in Apple's eyes

2012-06-20 10:21:24

At the recent World Wide Developers Conference organized by Apple, Eric Jou discovers a Chinese winner.

China applauds US apology

2012-06-19 17:30:48

China praises the US House of Representatives for apologizing about discriminating laws targeting Chinese immigrants, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said.

Americans view Chinese brands positively

2012-06-15 10:49:15

"Made in China" is increasingly being attached to products originating in China from domestic companies - and gaining acceptance in the West.