GM sales in China rise 8% in Jan-Feb

2013-03-06 11:16:09

General Motors Co said sales in China fell 10.6 percent in February amid the Lunar New Year holiday.

Cadillac mapping out new route to fast lane

2013-03-04 07:51:43

Planning new models and facilities, premium US brand Cadillac wants to enter the fast lane in China and triple its sales in three years.

TV drama says it's no ripoff of Friends

2013-03-04 11:13:35

A new sitcom aired in China in early February features three men and three women in their late 20s and early 30s, hanging out at a Shanghai apartment.

China tightens rules on US pork

2013-03-04 11:22:47

US pork exporters are coping with a requirement from China,that the products they ship be verified as not containing the additive ractopamine.

Sany Group optimistic on US case

2013-03-03 07:48:59

Although the majority of Sany Group's claims on US President Barack Obama for "illegally" blocking its wind-farm project were rejected, there is still a chance to win the case.

ZTE puts the accent on North America

2013-03-01 10:09:43

ZTE Corp, the Chinese telecom equipment and mobile phone vendor, has underlined the importance of the North American market by spinning off a separate business group dedicated to the region.

Breathing new life for pipa abroad

2013-03-01 12:35:29

Chinese pipa player, Wu Man, finds it difficult to say "No" to potential performances and projects, because spreading her native land's music is her life's work.

A family legacy of venture capitalism

2013-03-01 12:35:29

Bill Draper said in his book The Startup Game that the meeting with the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1981 gave him "a sneak preview" of a far-reaching transformation in China.

Filmmaker strives to showcase spirit of Chinese rock

2013-03-01 12:35:29

In 2006, New York native Maya E. Rudolph went to Beijing and found Chinese rock 'n' roll. In 2012, she returned to make a film about it.

All eyes on China amid earnings reports

2013-02-28 11:43:07

One question on the minds of investors, analysts and journalists during the US earnings season now in the books is: "What's going on in China?"

VC funds in firms down 40 percent in 2012

2013-02-28 11:43:07

Investment of venture capital in Chinese companies declined significantly in 2012, the result of a chilly market for initial public oJerings of stock, according to Dow Jones VentureSource.

Silk Road arrives in New York promising to excite audiences

2013-02-28 11:41:40

Giant frescoes served as the backdrop last night as 60 dancers in colorful costumes from China's Gansu Dance Theater performed the New York debut of the award-winning Silk Road production at Lincoln Center.