China decries US 'obstruction'

2011-02-22 10:01:19

Beijing charged Washington with blocking Chinese investment in US companies after telecom gear maker Huawei dropped buying assets from server technology provider 3Leaf.

US commander: China is not a 'direct threat'

2011-02-21 19:46:30

The US has a broad, deep and complex relationship with China, and much of that relationship is positive.

Chinese mummy on display in Philadelphia

2011-02-20 10:03:22

A 3800-year-old mummy is on show during an exhibition featuring archeological findings in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region at the museum of Pennsylvania University in Philadelphia.

China urges more transparency in US security review measures

2011-02-19 08:46:23

Political resistance in the United States to thwart Huawei’s latest effort in acquiring technology assets from a US technology company reveals an intentional effort to block Chinese investment in advanced technology.

Chinese children still most popular with US couples

2011-02-18 10:51:11

The latest annual intercountry adoption report shows that China is still the most popular country for United States couples adopting children from other countries.

M&A plan worries US experts

2011-02-18 10:51:11

US experts are firing back against China's new rules for national-security reviews of foreign M&A, while China says the rules will increase transparency.

US, China should address currency 'cooperatively'

2011-02-14 20:02:10

The United States and China should address their currency issue "cooperatively,"

Younger Chinese-Americans earning less

2011-02-14 07:47:46

"Tiger Mother" Amy Chua may be right about her approach to educating her daughters as a recent report shows that the younger generation of Chinese-Americans are earning less than their predecessors.

Fannie and Freddie debt, as SAFE as houses?

2011-02-12 08:08:22

China's foreign exchange regulator has refuted media reports that the country may lose up to $450 billion by holding bonds of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Oregon governor on a mission to woo China

2011-02-11 13:38:55

The new but familiar governor of Oregon said the state's relationship with China is "central" to his efforts to revamp the state's economy, adding that Oregon is "open for business" with the second largest economy in the world.

US lawmakers renew bid to punish yuan

2011-02-11 13:38:55

A group of US lawmakers have re-launched an attempt to punish China into reforming the RMB exchange rate.
Ben Bernanke urges yuan rethink

China's train makers eyes US rail plan

2011-02-10 07:46:37

Two major Chinese train manufacturers hope to get on track for potential business opportunities in the $53 billion US high-speed rail investment plan.