Wisconsin seeks greater trade ties

2013-04-16 12:35:29

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is making his first trade mission to China with a delegation of 42 members, including representatives of such home-state businesses as Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Confucius Institute comes to Colorado

2013-04-15 10:41:49

Residents of the Rocky Mountain city of Fort Collins, Colorado, have gained an important resource for studying Chinese with the opening last week of a Confucius Institute at Colorado State University.

Pragmatism drives learners

2013-04-15 10:41:49

Martz Timms spent his 21st birthday competing against other Chinese-speaking American students for a chance to visit China this summer and meet fellow collegiate winners from around the world.

California, Jiangsu strengthen ties

2013-04-15 10:41:49

Visitors from California signed an agreement with officials in eastern China's Jiangsu province to collaborate on economic, technological and cultural exchanges.

California opens Shanghai trade office

2013-04-15 10:51:37

California has reopened a trade office in Shanghai after a 10-year hiatus as the US state tries to attract more investment from China and find opportunities in the world's second-biggest economy.

Art show turns rural NY into a Chinese soundscape

2013-04-12 11:19:37

During the decades in which pop music and culture were, among other things, helping solidify America's tradition of sound art, China was essentially in a cultural vacuum.

Kerry visit could set tone for new US-China ties

2013-04-12 11:19:37

US Secretary of State John Kerry will arrive in Beijing on Saturday, kicking off his first visit to China since taking office in February.

Orchestra ready for China encore

2013-04-12 11:19:37

The Philadelphia Orchestra, one of the United States' first cultural ambassadors to China in 1973, is returning next month for a 40th-anniversary tour and its 2013 residency program.

Michigan visitors see lessons in China

2013-04-11 10:54:58

When Tom Watkins, a former Michigan education chief, first visited China 24 years ago, he rubbed his eyes while looking at a map of the world.

Confucius Institute opens in DC

2013-04-11 10:54:58

Chinese and American dignitaries opened the first Confucius Institute in the US capital, expressing hope for a flowering of cooperation in education.

Suntech rises on buyout rumors

2013-04-10 08:00:14

Shares in Suntech Power Holdings Co have rallied after a report that billionaire Warren Buffett is set to come to the troubled solar panel maker's rescue.

Internet spat with US gets high-level hearing in Beijing

2013-04-10 10:55:37

The United States and China should cooperate in addressing Internet issues, especially in the area of online security, and deal jointly with the rapid development of cyberspace, officials and experts from both countries said at a forum in Beijing.