Spring Festival celebration concert held in Los Angeles

2013-02-05 14:25:04

Members of the China Central Chinese Orchestra perform during a Spring Festival celebration concert in Pasadena, Los Angeles, the United States, Feb 4, 2013.

Psychics see a starry future in China

2013-02-04 13:33:10

Divination in China is almost as old as the history of the Middle Kingdom, but having the future told by foreign psychics is a new slant.

Markets put in the dock

2013-02-01 07:55:58

Chinese are becoming aware of the moral limits of market forces, says Harvard academic.

Global go-getter

2013-02-01 13:24:15

Lenovo has relied on innovation and careful brand management to become a world leader in PC production while expanding into tablets, smartphones and new markets.

Retail dream energizes solar proprietor

2013-02-01 13:24:15

Zhong's latest venture, Solar Planet, is the first of its kind in Palo Alto, California, but the 46-year-old businesswoman has bigger dreams - a nationwide network of solar-power emporiums that would be franchised.

Sinochem to buy into US oil-gas field

2013-01-31 16:20:05

Sinochem will buy a 40 percent stake in the 207,000 acres Wolfcamp oil-gas field owned by an American oil and gas company.

Program strikes new tone for opera students

2013-01-31 11:39:36

How difficult is it to sing opera in Mandarin?

Mayor looks to China for city development

2013-01-30 12:09:13

A city in the US hopes to benefit from increasing urbanization in China to improve its own development in a more healthy and environmentally friendly way.

Chinese auto parts maker approved to buy US firm

2013-01-30 06:49:38

Authorities with Wanxiang, a Chinese auto parts maker, on Tuesday confirmed that they had won approval from the US government to proceed with its bid to purchase a bankrupt electric car battery maker.

Hainan Air to begin direct Chicago flights

2013-01-29 11:42:28

Hainan Airlines on Monday announced that it will begin a nonstop service between Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and Beijing in early September.

US probes Chinese electronics makers

2013-01-28 20:43:04

The US International Trade Commission launched two investigations on Jan 25 into portable electronic devices from Chinese and US makers.

The other new China

2013-01-27 10:26:52

Photographer Rian Dundon's new coffee-table book about Changsha takes a peek behind the scenes of the country's secondary city.