A global business with Chinese thinking

2012-11-08 10:21:40

By learning from China and figuring out ways to better compete with Chinese rivals, the strategy has become fundamental to Honeywell's activities.

Obama to continue his China policy

2012-11-07 15:26:32

Incumbent US President Barack Obama, who has just won re-election in the US presidential race, will continue the diplomacy in dealing with China.

Expats in China turn out largely for incumbent

2012-11-07 15:14:04

Some US expats said they chose to support Obama as he is friendlier toward China and will help ensure stable relations between the two countries.

US auto giants see China sales surge

2012-11-06 08:00:08

General Motors and Ford Motor are reporting record high monthly sales figures in China, benefiting in part from a sales slump in Japanese-made cars.

Shanghai student journalists turn sights on US election

2012-11-06 11:59:00

Seventeen student journalists from Shanghai International Studies University will be covering Election Day live in the US online.

Nightlife know-how

2012-11-02 07:49:08

An american jack-of-all-trades is helping to bring a touch of New York to Beijing.

Film festival spotlights US-China co-productions

2012-11-02 14:56:20

Chinese films are in sharp focus on the west coast. Till Nov 24, around 150 Chinese films are being shown at venues in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, at the 8th Chinese American Film Festival, which opened last week in these cities.

Student documents lives of peers in US

2012-11-02 11:36:10

Liu Hainan wasn't sure what the experience of studying in the US would ultimately mean, and he wondered if others like him shared that uncertainty.

Mayor raising Bellevue's trade profile in China

2012-11-02 11:36:10

When Conrad Lee overheard a Chinese investor discussing possible places in the United States to park his money, he hoped the name Bellevue would come up.

Chinese-Americans urged to cast ballot

2012-11-02 07:25:44

With less than one week until Election Day, Chinese-Americans have been urged to cast ballots in the neck-and-neck presidential race.

3M's China sales 'to exceed those in US'

2012-10-31 10:01:00

The multinational conglomerate 3M Co said it will invest around $120 million in research and development in the country over the next five years.

Smiles abound for Air China's newest jumbo jet

2012-10-30 11:25:55

Boeing Co formally delivered one of its 777-300ER jets to Air China, the nation's flag carrier, at a ceremony on Monday at Seattle's Future of Flight Aviation Center.