China, US to discuss currency, arms sale

2011-10-10 22:44:56

The valuation of the yuan and US arms sale to Taiwan will be on the agenda of the upcoming Asia-Pacific talks between China and the United States.

'US revs up all-round comeback to Asia'

2011-10-10 22:12:23

The US is dedicated to all-round engagement and diversified presence in Asia as part of its global repositioning strategy.

Special iPhone shells mourn Jobs' death

2011-10-10 11:47:55

Steve Jobs themed iPhone 4 shells go on sale at an electronic market in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong province, Oct 10, 2011. The production of the shell is to mourn the late Apple Inc. founder.

Rising China labor costs could lead to 3m new jobs in US, report says

2011-10-10 07:58:33

BEIJING - Fast-rising labor costs in China's competitive manufacturing regions are expected to keep more US investment at home and create up to 3.2 million new jobs there by 2020, according to a report from the Boston Consulting Group.

Ford: More models, greater sales

2011-10-10 07:58:07

US carmaker Ford Motor Co vows to speed up introduction of new products to China to further tap the world's largest vehicle market

US to get jobs back as China labor cost growing

2011-10-10 07:15:36

Fast-rising labor costs in China are expected to keep more US investment at home.

Wal-Mart closed over falsely labeled pork

2011-10-10 06:20:38

Ten Wal-Mart stores in Chongqing were closed for selling ordinary pork as organic pork.

Slang sister

2011-10-07 10:17:10

Online language teacher's quirky style attracts huge following

Currency bill runs into opposition

2011-10-07 10:09:41

Trade war warning over move that would penalize countries with undervalued currencies

Apple fans bid final farewell

2011-10-07 08:50:55

Apple stores in China were once again packed with people who came to mourn Steve Jobs.

Obama: Currency bill on China could fall foul of WTO rules

2011-10-07 08:09:59

The controversial bill should be consistent with the US international trade obligation, said Obama.

US bill 'does more harm than good'

2011-10-06 08:06:51

A bill proposed by the US Senate to punish China's alleged currency manipulation will not help the US create jobs, but will lead to negative results, the Washington Post said.