China, US bust arms trafficking gang

2012-06-12 06:53:59

Police from China and the United States have jointly cracked a major transnational arms trafficking case and arrested 28 suspects.

Dragon baby boom in Big Apple

2012-06-11 11:23:35

Chinese women flock to New York to have babies with US citizenship.

WTO backs China's complaint

2012-06-09 13:27:33

WTO ruled anti-dumping measures taken by the US on warmwater shrimp and diamond sawblades from China have violated relevant WTO rules.

RadioShack announces expansion plan

2012-06-09 13:30:04

US electronics retailer RadioShack will enter into a joint venture with a Chinese company to open electronics stores in China.

From the ground up

2012-06-08 10:24:41

Chinese automaker takes "reverse engineering" approach to design new cars.

Apple 'to add Baidu service' to iPhones

2012-06-08 10:52:25

Apple Inc plans to add the search service of Baidu Inc to iPhones sold in the country, part of its effort to cash in on the Chinese market.

UNDP official lauds China's changes

2012-06-07 11:06:41

Having been the UN Resident Coordinator in China from 2003 to 2010, Khalid Malik saw a China totally transformed in various ways.

Book publishers exploring US market

2012-06-07 11:06:41

Eleven publishing and printing companies from China presented a wide array of books at the annual BookExpo America in New York this week.

Apple to open two more stores

2012-06-07 03:57:58

Despite being in a trademark dispute with a company in Guangdong province, Apple Inc is considering opening two new stores in China.

Macy's parades into China

2012-06-08 08:15:23

China's e-commerce market is proving irresistible to Western retailers, including the giant Macy's Inc.

Gore plans further Shenzhen investment

2012-06-06 07:10:29

Gore, which entered China about 10 years ago, plans to invest about $20 million in a second fabric plant in Shenzhen this year.

Taking on Hollywood without the fanfare

2012-06-06 10:50:41

The real challenge for the Chinese movie industry from Hollywood will loom large in two to three years.