Chamber vital in China, US dialogue

2011-07-11 09:27:35

The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai sends a message that having a US company doing business in China, or encouraging exports to China, is good for the US economy.

Mullen visits China's artillery force headquarters

2011-07-11 08:17:30

Top US military officer Mike Mullen on Sunday visited the Second Artillery Force Headquarters of the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Tapping more local potential

2011-07-11 07:57:13

Cooperation and exchanges between China's provinces and US states and cities lay foundation for progress of relations

US 'won't take sides' in S China Sea

2011-07-11 07:09:13

The United States will maintain its presence in the South China Sea but will show no prejudice toward any side involved in the territorial dispute there.

US 'won't take sides' in S China Sea

2011-07-11 07:09:13

The US will maintain presence in the area, but show no prejudice toward any side in the disputes.

Mike Mullen arrives for China visit

2011-07-10 07:20:49

Mike Mullen, chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, arrived here Saturday evening for a 4-day visit to China.

Tide turning in fight with Muddy Waters

2011-07-08 17:38:13

Shares of US-listed Chinese firms rebounced strongly after allegations of wrongdoings by Muddy Waters.

Ping pong seen as way to lift ties

2011-07-08 17:38:13

Veteran Chinese and US table tennis players will discuss how they can continue to use the small white ball to promote friendship this week.

Mullen's visit to draw US, China closer

2011-07-08 11:18:48

Invited by Chief of the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Chen Bingde, United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen will visit China from Sunday to Wednesday.

Ping-pong glamour lasts

2011-07-08 11:18:48

Veteran players from China and the United States, who played in the original Ping-Pong Diplomacy match in 1971, gathered with government officials and sports professionals to discuss how they can continue to use the small white ball to promote the friendship of two peoples.

Warm welcome awaits Mullen

2011-07-08 11:18:48

Top US military officer Admiral Mike Mullen will receive a warm and high-level welcome when he starts his visit to China on Sunday

US car sales picking up

2011-07-08 11:18:48

US brands GM and Ford continue to lead the market by a double-digit sales growth in China.