US team doesn't let brawl cancel trip

2011-08-20 07:53:40

An 11-day goodwill trip to China by the Georgetown University Hoyas men's basketball team is continuing despite a brawl with a Chinese professional team.

Biden encourages investment

2011-08-20 07:53:40

Vice-president hopes for job growth, but Chinese firms remain cautious

China to restrict NBA players to play in CBA

2011-08-19 20:43:56

The Chinese Basketball Association is banning the signing of players who are under NBA contract.

China urges US to relax controls on high-tech exports

2011-08-19 16:12:15

The US should provide a fair investment environment for Chinese firms, said Vice-President Xi Jinping.
Special: US Vice-President Biden visits China

US official gets taste of Beijing fare

2011-08-19 11:05:10

Yao's Chao Gan, a popular traditional Beijing restaurant with 22 years of history, hosted a special guest on Thursday - United States Vice-President Joe Biden.

Volatility sparks interest in futures

2011-08-19 07:57:47

Chinese investors have showed growing interest in futures products over the past year amid volatile commodity prices.

Coke to invest $4b in China

2011-08-19 07:57:47

The US drinks maker may list on Shanghai's international board

Tudou slides 12% after its Nasdaq debut

2011-08-19 07:57:47

Tudou Holdings Ltd, China's second-biggest video website, tumbled 12 percent in its first day of trading after raising $174 million in a US initial public offering, selling at a discount to larger rival Inc.

US trying to put out a fire with gasoline

2011-08-19 07:57:22

'Who will be the next?" was the common refrain as other members of the US' triple A club, such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the top five insurance conglomerates, were unavoidably downgraded following the first downgrading of the US Triple A rating since 1917.

Visit could help reshape global image

2011-08-19 07:34:36

China is presenting its true image of "unbalanced development" to the US by arranging a tour in its western region for US Vice-President Joe Biden.

Experts: Trim US T-bond holdings

2011-08-19 07:25:42

China should reduce its holdings of US Treasury bonds to protect the value of its massive foreign exchange reserves

'We must boost market confidence'

2011-08-19 07:05:24

China and the US share a responsibility for boosting global market confidence.
Special: US Vice-President Biden visits China