Many tasks ahead for new US ambassador

2011-08-11 10:33:11

Rebuilding the financial reputation of the United States will be Locke's top priority when he arrives in Beijing. 

Love for China blooms in heart of American

2011-08-11 07:49:04

Eunice Moe Brock was born in Hebei, and, although she lived in the US for decades, the 94-year-old has returned to China to share her passion for flowers.

GM to adapt China vans for India

2011-08-11 07:47:31

General Motors Co (GM) will sell Chinese-designed minivans under its Chevrolet brand in India starting next year as the automaker expands in Asia's second-fastest growing major economy.

Flying head first into the future

2011-08-11 07:47:31

New Boeing China boss will not only take on Airbus but also domestic airplane makers

Capital One buys HSBC US card unit

2011-08-11 07:47:31

Capital One Financial Corp, the lender that acquired ING Direct USA in June, agreed to purchase HSBC Holdings PLC's US credit card business for a premium of about $2.6 billion.

Hedge fund farms reap from food doomsday warnings

2011-08-11 07:47:31

Perry Vieth baled hay on a neighbor's farm in Wisconsin for two summers during high school in 1972 and 1973. The grueling labor left him with no doubt about getting a college degree so that he'd never have to work as hard again. Thirty-eight years later, and after a career as a securities lawyer and fixed-income trader, Vieth is back on the farm.

Yuan rises to 17-year high against the greenback

2011-08-11 07:47:31

The exchange rate of the yuan against the dollar rose to a 17-year high after the US Federal Reserve Board announced it will maintain interest rates at a record low and amid a global stock market rebound.

Tests find oil used by KFC not harmful

2011-08-11 07:45:19

Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Inspection Institute inspected the oil found at a KFC restaurant in Shanghai and deemed it to be safe.

Surplus rises on surprise export surge

2011-08-11 07:44:14

China's trade surplus for July hit $31.5 billion, The surplus eased fears that the US and European debt crises might hurt global demand for Chinese goods.

Bush foresees improvement in US-China ties

2011-08-10 21:18:46

Former US President George W. Bush wrote in his memoir that he is optimistic about the U.S.-China relationship, calling for it to improve in the future.

Sino-US audit oversight cooperation faces difficulties

2011-08-10 20:40:41

A press release by the Chinese securities regulator on Monday reemphasized that Chinese and US officials are working to increase cooperation on cross-border audit oversight in the wake of a string of accounting scandals of US-listed Chinese companies.

Fosun Group eyes US retailer

2011-08-10 11:59:45

Fosun Group, one of China's largest privately-owned conglomerate, is planning to buy an American retail company.