Man successfully flies homemade plane

2015-05-11 11:16:18

Yang Shijun prepares to fly his homemade small plane up to an altitude of 200 meters in Changchun city, Northeast China's Jilin province, May 10, 2015. Yang, 45, has conducted two test flights in the past, and has managed to fly for 2.5 hours in total. Yang named the plane after his father, Jinhai. He plans to build three two-seater planes in the future.

Plane skids off runway in SE China

2015-05-10 14:45:12

Three passengers were slightly injured after a plane skidded off runway while taxiing in southeast China's Fujian province on Sunday noon.

China publishes court exhibits of Tokyo trials

2015-05-10 17:52:27

China has published compiled documentary evidence from the Tokyo trials, to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the victory of World War II.

Chinese medical team back from Nepal mission

2015-05-10 04:08:45

A 58-member Chinese government medical team returned to Chengdu, Sichuan Province on Saturday after a 13-day mission to aid post-earthquake Nepal.

Man detained for stealing official document

2015-05-09 18:47:59

A man has been detained for allegedly stealing an official document in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, local authorities said on Saturday.

SOE execs paid less though covert perks remain

2015-05-09 08:10:44

Annual reports from China's listed state-owned firms show their top executives were generally paid less last year as reform targets executive income.

8 foreigners busted in Beijing drugs raid

2015-05-09 07:55:29

Beijing police have detained eight foreign nationals on suspicion of drug use and trafficking, they announced on Friday.

Chinese team helps heal Nepal

2015-05-08 07:30:14

The Chinese Red Cross workers trek long distances in Nepal to serve the quake-hit areas that lack access to medical care.

Ten photos you don't wanna miss - May 8

2015-05-08 06:37:21

A group of flight attendants from Taiwan take a selfie at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport on May 7, 2015.

Premier meets with group of innovators over coffee

2015-05-08 08:12:23

Visit to Zhongguancun seen as a gesture of government's support for startup businesses.

Savage beating of boy caught on video causes outrage

2015-05-08 11:42:53

A video of a boy being beaten on the street has caused widespread anger online.

Errant officials to be penalized for pollution

2015-05-07 07:43:20

Government officials found responsible for environmental pollution will be held accountable beyond their terms of office, according to a new national guideline.