Panda triplets celebrate 100 days

2014-11-05 14:46:49

The world's only surviving giant panda triplets marked their 100 days on Wednesday at the Chime Long Safari Park in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province. They are the longest-living set of panda triplets in history.

Ten predictions for China's economy in 2015

2014-11-05 14:34:59

In a two-part series, gives a perspective on 10 predictions for China's economy in 2015. This is Part II of the series.

Carving reshapes local economy

2014-11-05 14:28:35

Benefiting from preferential policies, some small firms opened carving business in Shanxi and Liaoning province. Now, the stone processing work has become a profitable industry.

China willing to share anti-terror intelligence

2014-11-05 13:37:05

China is willing to exchange counter-terrorism intelligence and carry out joint anti-terror operations with other countries at a proper time, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

APEC senior officials meet for upcoming 2014 summit

2014-11-05 13:30:01

The concluding Senior Officials' Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2014 opened here Wednesday, ushering a series of APEC events in the coming week.

Chinese government appoints, removes officials

2014-11-05 13:19:34

Several appointments and removals of government officials were announced by the State Council, China's Cabinet, on Wednesday.

Foundations of financial folly

2014-11-05 08:15:49

Liu Huilian never imagined that the grand, green square, which seemed the perfect place for her small hotel, would be demolished just four years after it was built and become a giant construction site that would ruin her business.

Sports field in anti-corruption spotlight

2014-11-05 08:09:08

With the shadow of match-fixing scandals lingering over Chinese soccer, an anti-graft campaign is targeting the country's top sports body.

73% back death penalty in graft cases

2014-11-04 14:46:11

There is an overwhelming support for death penalty in corruption cases, according to an online survey conducted by China Youth Daily.

Men experience childbirth pain in E China

2014-11-04 09:44:31

A man experiences the pain of childbirth at a pain experience camp in Ji'nan, capital of East China's Shandong province, Nov 3, 2014.

E-commerce doubles up at symposium

2014-11-04 07:51:06

I was right in guessing that there would be a big name from e-commerce at Monday's meeting to advise the premier on next year's economy, but I didn't expect there would be two.

E China to handle Ebola transfer cases

2014-11-04 07:51:06

Designated medical institutions in East China will probably take care of Chinese Ebola patients transferred from West Africa, given their relatively high capacity in public health and medical treatment, said a senior emergency response official.