Article alleges Zhou linked with Bo

2015-01-15 07:19:33

Zhou Yongkang, China's fallen ex-security chief, once formed a clique with Bo Xilai, the former Party chief of Chongqing who was sentenced to life imprisonment for corruption, according to a report by Phoenix Weekly.

Braving bitter cold for nation’s security

2015-01-16 09:20:09

Sentinels Xin Guoqiang and Xue Yanjun from Heihe's Eighth company patrol at the China-Russia border in Heihe city, Heilongjiang province on Jan 15, 2015. The temperature there dips to as low as -28℃.

Square dance sweeps Asian Cup

2015-01-15 11:35:08

Seniors show their moves at football match, home-made medicine proves costly, school gives a jolt to sleepers, woman gets naughty with ice cream, dog carries hefty reward.

Guidance character revealed

2015-01-15 13:50:49

The Chinese character for transcendence, yue (越), has been named the guidance character of 2015, the Year of the Sheep, indicating the year of social, political, economic and diplomatic transcendence of the country.

Shanghai tops country in year-end bonus

2015-01-15 13:37:19

Employees in Shanghai lead the country in earning the highest amount of year-end bonus with 8,515 yuan ($1,346) on average, followed by their peers in Shenzhen and Beijing.

Beijing to scrap taxi fuel surcharge

2015-01-15 11:04:36

Beijing will stop charging the taxi fuel surcharge following an oil price drop, the municipal commission of development and reform said on Wednesday.

Mental illness no handicap to Nanjing artists

2015-01-15 06:49:08

Xu Li (an alias), who suffers from autism-related mental impairment, poses with his work at Nanjing Tiancheng Art Center in Nanjing, capital of south China's Jiangsu province. The center is the first nonprofit organization subsidized by the government to help people with mental illness be accepted by society.

China unifies pension system

2015-01-14 17:53:21

Public institutions will have to start contributing 20 percent of employees' salary to their pension fund and develop an annuity arrangement.

HK halts investment program

2015-01-15 04:31:13

Hong Kong is now looking for talent, rather than money, as the city called a sudden halt to its capital investment immigration program.

Tale of two cities: home, sweet home, or a living nightmare?

2015-01-14 14:53:09

Tens of millions of Yanjiao residents form long lines at bus stations and squeeze themselves into over-crowded vehicles heading to the same destination: downtown Beijing.

Beijing in first smog alert of year

2015-01-14 07:57:44

Beijing issued its first smog alert of 2015 on Tuesday, with the PM2.5 index passing the 200 level. The alert will probably remain in force until Friday, the municipal environmental authority said.

800 inmates sent back to jail in 2014

2015-01-14 07:58:13

More than 800 inmates, including many corrupt senior officials who had their sentences commuted illegally, were returned to prison last year, Xinhua News Agency reported on Tuesday.