Integration of migrants in spotlight

2015-12-10 07:58:37

How to effectively remove the barriers that prevent migrant workers and their families from fully settling in cities will be at the top of the agenda at China's forthcoming Central City Work Conference.

Psychiatrist links smog, depression

2015-12-10 08:05:07

Some patients, primarily those with depression and neurosis, have seen their condition worsen after exposure to smoggy weather.

Giant pandas brave the cold by settling in freezing north

2015-12-10 11:10:54

Two giant pandas Jia Jia and Meng Meng settled into the breeding base in June 2015 and will stay for three years for both public viewing and scientific research, where there is the farthest north a panda has resided for a long period in China.

Gold holdings continue to rise

2015-12-09 07:52:42

China increased its gold holdings for the fifth consecutive month in November, the fastest growth rate since June, to back a stronger currency in the global financial system, according to central bank data on Tuesday.

Online searches spike for masks, purifiers, condoms and sportswear

2015-12-09 07:48:33

While it is easy to imagine a sharp rise in online orders for anti-pollution products such as masks and air purifiers on smoggy days, a boom in the sales of condoms and sports-wear might be a little unexpected.

Debate flares as smog lingers

2015-12-09 07:16:50

Most experts blamed the widespread use of low-quality coal for home heating during winter-on top of heavy industrial discharges and vehicle emissions.

National railway's test makes ticket buyers feel 'illiterate'

2015-12-09 15:51:43, the only official website in the country allowed to sell train tickets, has been receiving numerous complaints about the verification code test users must pass to buy tickets online.

Database set up to combat fake Living Buddhas

2015-12-08 07:15:34

Some fake Living Buddhas have posed threats to national security, as they use money they collect to sponsor illegal or even separatist activities in Tibet.

Mayors, students focus on urban environment issues

2015-12-08 09:33:45

The urban environment was a key topic of discussion between mayors and student would-be mayors at a competition in Beijing on Sunday.

Drug bust snags large amounts of meth

2015-12-08 07:47:31

Police lay in wait in thick grass for more than 30 hours before raiding a secret drug lab in a forested area of Ruyuan county, Guangdong province, late last month.

Survey: Workers seek balance with life outside

2015-12-08 07:47:31

Chinese workers, sometimes viewed as busy bees, are attaching more importance to balancing employment with life outside the workplace, a recent survey showed.

Life in smoggy Beijing amid red alert

2015-12-08 10:33:50

The capital has issued its first-ever red alert for smog on Monday, which will last from 7:00 a.m. Tuesday to 12:00 pm Thursday.