Taiwan's WHO event role in jeopardy

2016-05-10 08:08:41

Without the endorsement of the 1992 Consensus, Taiwan's cross-Straits relations, including the island's participation in activities held by international organizations, will be severely affected, experts said.

35 died in E China landslide

2016-05-10 14:37:35

The death toll has risen to 35 with one person still missing following a landslide in Taining county in East China's Fujian province on Sunday.

China calls for more school sports

2016-05-09 21:11:42

Zhang Meng helplessly watched as the head teacher confiscated the football. The gaokao, China's college entrance examination, is approaching, and the teacher wanted the high schoolers to focus on their studies.

Breast cancer deaths fall, but cases still on the rise

2016-05-09 08:27:36

The breast cancer mortality rate has started to fall in China, thanks to improved early detection and treatment, according to a leading specialist - but the disease is still on the rise.

Doctor's death prompts calls for protection of medical staff

2016-05-09 08:13:16

The need to ensure the safety of medical staff has again come to the fore as a retired doctor died of stab by a former patient in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

Survivors found as dozens buried in landslide

2016-05-09 03:12:09

Rescuers have pulled 13 people alive from a massive landslide while 41 remained missing at a hydropower construction site in Fujian.

60% of career women say no to second child, report finds

2016-05-09 03:00:16

Nearly 60 percent of working mothers in China don't want to have a second child, according to a report on the nation's career women.

Captain held after vessels collide at sea

2016-05-09 08:27:36

China has detained 20 crew members from a Maltese bulk carrier that allegedly collided with a Chinese fishing boat, leaving two dead and 17 crew members missing as rescuers continued to look for survivors on Sunday.

Human rights practices reviewed 30 years on from UN declaration

2016-05-09 08:27:36

The right to life and development are fundamental human rights that have been protected and promoted by the Chinese government since the founding of modern China in 1949, attendees at a human rights seminar agreed in Wuhan, Hubei province, on Saturday.

Kidney stolen in surgery, man claims

2016-05-09 08:27:36

A man who said his right kidney was stolen at a hospital in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, during surgery to deal with injuries from a tractor rollover, got a new medical checkup in Nanjing after he sued for compensation of 2 million yuan ($307,800).

Residents net fish on flooded road in C China

2016-05-09 09:25:59

Residents net fish on a flooded road in Daoxian county, Yongzhou city, Central China's Hunan province, May 8, 2016.

Inspection teams to cover all of military in anti-corruption drive

2016-05-06 06:46:20

As part of its revamped disciplinary reinforcement and anti-corruption system, central inspection teams are being sent to all main parts of the Chinese military.