New rules separate CPC discipline from the law

2015-10-22 08:29:59

The Communist Party of China Central Committee has published new rules on clean governance and sanctions for those who violate the Party code of conduct.

HIV-infected parcels found in Beijing's delivery system

2015-10-22 08:04:02

Beijing's quarantine authority is warning against the mailing of unauthorized dangerous substances through the postal or parcel delivery service after HIV-antigens were found in two regular packages.

Upper level SSAT scores cancelled in China administration

2015-10-22 07:28:43

The Secondary School Admission Test Board (SSATB) has announced the cancellation of all Upper Level SSAT scores from the September 19, 2015 administration in China via email, according to a Beijing Times' report this Wednesday.

Authorities investigate mainland visitor's manslaughter in HK

2015-10-22 10:21:10

 A Chinese mainland tourist died at a Hong Kong hospital on Tuesday morning after he was allegedly beaten unconscious by a gang of four men on Monday while mediating in a shopping dispute.

Top leadership expected to discuss high-level vacancies

2015-10-21 06:59:31

China's top leadership is expected to discuss how to fill the high-level vacancies left as a result of the nation's anti-graft campaign, according to political scientists and commentators.

Nude photos of kindergarten kids cause outrage

2015-10-21 09:19:50

Nude photos of over 20 boys posted online by their kindergarten teacher have met with an outpouring of protest and anger from parents and netizens.

Govt jobs still look attractive

2015-10-21 07:24:55

The number of candidates for the 2016 national civil service exam has surpassed last year's numbers, with more than 132,000 applicants on Tuesday.

Lives of left-behind seniors in rural areas

2015-10-21 14:46:52

The Chongyang Festival, which people traditionally mark by honoring the elderly and paying their respects to them, falls the 9th day of the 9th lunar month.

Wide support seen for nationwide smoking ban

2015-10-20 07:49:35

Even some smokers in China support a nationwide smoke-free law, particularly in workplaces, according to a report released on Monday by the World Health Organization and other health agencies.

Treat or cheat: Chinese media exposes queer therapies on gay people

2015-10-20 09:27:04

While respect for sexual orientation is wining growing support worldwide, an investigation by Beijing News found that many gay people in China are still seen as being sick and subjected to all kinds of "treatments".

Farmland hot spots increase air pollution

2015-10-20 07:49:35

A rise in clearing farmland by burning leftover straw has increased air pollution in parts of northeastern China, the environmental watchdog has warned.

Mentally impaired earn their bread at Nanjing bakery

2015-10-20 13:14:24

The sentence, ‘everyone is an apple bitten by God', is printed on the leaflets of Amity Bakery. The bakery was founded by a Chinese Christian NGO in 2007 to help those mentally challenged to learn baking skills and get job opportunities.