Blocking VPN is for Internet safety

2015-01-27 11:49:00

The moves to block virtual private network services are for the "healthy development" of the Internet, said a top official from the industry watchdog.

How graft accused met investigators

2015-01-27 15:46:15

As the anti-graft campaign expands, it may become difficult for officials involved in illegal activities not to picture the day the investigators would come knocking on their door.

China vows an end to gold medal 'obsession'

2015-01-26 15:25:40

The General Administration of Sport of China is to launch bold reforms of the country's sports system, vowing to drop the old "gold-is-everything" mentality.

China's cross-border e-commerce pilots see growing trade

2015-01-26 21:39:01

The trade volume in China's cross-border e-commerce pilot cities surpassed 3 billion yuan (488.73 million) by the end of 2014, official data showed Monday.

Hospital staff demand better security

2015-01-26 17:18:31

Hospital staff have demonstrated to demand better protection after a doctor and patient were killed in a fight, media reported on Monday, the latest incident to highlight problems in a system often overwhelmed with patients.

Qinghai to promote Kekexili's bid for world heritage status

2015-01-26 11:00:40

Jia Yingzhong, director of the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Qinghai province, said that Qinghai has started an application for UNESCO world natural heritage status in late 2014.

Nehe Prison officials deny jailhouse sex allegations

2015-01-26 05:19:54

Officers at a prison in Northeast China have denied that one of their prisoners had sex with a policeman's wife while serving a sentence.

Favorable visa policy to draw talent

2015-01-26 04:01:20

China will expand the favorable visa policies of its 1,000 Talent Plan to dozens of other programs nationwide to attract leading professionals to work in the country.

Growth spurt excludes soldier from parade

2015-01-26 11:32:13

In today's trending, a female soldier misses out on a parade due to a sudden increase in height, two amorous thieves kiss to celebrate their theft, another thief is moved by his victim's generosity.

People's Daily hits out at delinquent employers

2015-01-25 17:00:07

Delaying wage payments pours scorn on workers' rights and tramples on labor laws, said a commentary in Sunday's People's Daily.

Chinese mother prosecuted for selling her own baby

2015-01-25 16:02:07

A woman from central China's Henan province has been prosecuted for selling her own baby, local authorities said.

Xinjiang to add more roads to villages

2015-01-25 16:01:06

Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has announced plans to build more roads to remote villages.