China 'will never recklessly resort to the use of force'

2015-10-19 07:39:46

Construction of islands in the South China Sea helps provide better public services to the world, says a top official with military.

Chinese look yonder for luxury goods

2015-10-19 05:38:17

Even as the sales of luxury goods have cooled in the mainland, Chinese shoppers are still buying luxury items, but many now are doing their shopping overseas, according to observers.

Smog envelops Rizhao skyline

2015-10-19 11:15:13

Shandong meteorological observatory Sunday issued a yellow alert for the heavy smog in most parts of the province on the day.

New rail network set to boost 'cluster'

2015-10-19 08:11:26

In the next 35 years, $97 billion will be spent to build 23 intercity railways that will connect Beijing with neighboring areas in the cluster.

'Black banks' targeted in latest anti-graft crackdown

2015-10-16 07:22:19

Authorities have opened a new front in the ongoing cleanup campaign by targeting underground lenders and illegal overseas currency transfers.

Trafficking ring targeted mentally disabled women

2015-10-16 07:06:35

Police in Jiangxi province have cracked down on a major human trafficking ring accused of abducting mentally disabled women, illegally detaining them at a pig farm and trafficking them.

'Newlyweds' are 'floating' on air in Zhengzhou

2015-10-16 13:02:54

In today's trending, a couple "marries" while "floating" outside the upper level of a double decker bus.

140b yuan agreed for rural Net upgrading

2015-10-15 06:56:30

China unveiled plans on Wednesday to upgrade its Internet infrastructure and the development of its logistics industry in rural areas.

2.6 tons of heroin seized in South China crackdown

2015-10-15 12:08:30

Police in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region seized 2.66 tonnes of heroin from a drug lab on Thursday morning.

China vows to increase support for refugees

2015-10-15 07:08:21

China has vowed to provide more assistance to refugees flooding into Europe from war-torn countries in the Middle East.

Wind beneath the wings

2015-10-15 07:56:48

Wingsuit jumpers receive training at Tianmenshan scenic spot in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province. They are among the daredevils who will take part in the fourth International Wingsuit Campaign, which will take place from Friday to Sunday.

Air force now able to launch long-range, precision strikes

2015-10-14 07:12:02

H-6K is the latest variant of the H-6 bomber and possibly the only one in the five-decade-old family that can be defined as a genuine strategic bomber.