The Fast and the Furious in real life

2015-04-12 19:08:37

We often see luxury cars smashed to pieces in Hollywood blockbusters such as The Fast and the Furious, but this time it happened in real life. Thankfully, only one person was slightly injured.

Officials punished for unprofessional behavior

2015-04-11 15:51:31

The next time a Chinese official wants to sneak out of the office for a quick bite or even a swim, they may think twice.

Spain, ROK, Austria join AIIB as founding members

2015-04-11 15:16:10

Spain, the Republic of Korea and Austria have been approved as prospective founding members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB.

Environmental watchdog gets tough over pollution

2015-04-11 08:11:55

The national environmental watchdog has imposed tougher penalties on companies and individuals following the introduction of revised legislation.

Reform, innovation key to boost demand, growth: Li

2015-04-11 21:49:43

Local governments should keep track of changing economic patterns and fine-tune policies through reform and innovation accordingly to steady growth, Premier Li said after an inspection trip to Jilin Province.

Apple Watch pre-orders go live in China, draws interest

2015-04-10 17:01:55

One of the key questions regarding the Apple Watch is whether the existing iPhone users will purchase "Apple's most personal device".

Ten photos you don't wanna miss of today

2015-04-10 08:21:47

Ten photos you don't wanna miss - April 10

South China Sea islands plan unveiled

2015-04-10 03:20:27

China on Thursday unveiled details of its plan for building and maintenance projects on some of its islands in the South China Sea, saying it aims mainly to provide a civilian service that will benefit other countries.

Finance offers highest starting salaries

2015-04-10 17:01:37

Employees at financial institutions have the highest starting salaries among 2015 graduates, earning over 10,000 yuan ($1,611) a month, according to a recent survey from

Chinese more rational toward Olympic golds

2015-04-10 11:26:39

An online survey conducted by the newspaper China Youth Daily has found Chinese are less fanatical about Olympic gold medals, with nearly 95 percent of respondents saying it would be OK for China to get fewer golds or fall in the medal tally during future Olympic Games.

Tibetans' viral wedding photos contrast city with country life

2015-04-10 13:53:12

The wedding photos taken a by a couple of Tibetan ethnic minorities went viral online recently as they draw a sharp contrast between the couple’s life in their hometown, where they wear traditional Tibetan costumes and their life in modern big cities, where they are dressed in fashionable clothing.

Blur makes absurd use of Chinese square dance for comeback album

2015-04-09 17:14:57

The British rock band Blur try to impress their fans by enlisting Chinese square dancers in their first album in over a decade to make a comeback.