Cheating in civil servant exams means 7-year jail

2015-10-14 11:15:10

Authorities announce severe punishment for those caught cheating in the upcoming national civil servant exams, the State Administration of Civil Service said.

Uninsured clergy face retirement crisis

2015-10-14 07:38:53

Clergy ill-prepared for retirement and lacking of health insurance is a problem in all five major religions in China.

Love and loss in war and peace

2015-10-14 07:19:04

During World War II, more than 100 Chinese children were educated at a boarding school 300 kilometers from Moscow. Despite the harsh conditions, many remember their school days with affection.

Air pollution still public's top concern

2015-10-13 07:38:09

Almost 78 percent of complaints the public made to the national environmental watchdog on its hotline in the first half of this year was about air pollution.

All-out effort underway to lift 70m out of poverty

2015-10-13 06:52:36

China will work hard to lift about 70 million people in rural areas out of poverty by the end of 2020, a senior official said on Monday.

Ebola vaccine tested in W. Africa

2015-10-13 07:43:15

China's first homegrown vaccine against Ebola has entered its second phase in a clinical trial in Sierra Leone in West Africa, marking a breakthrough in overseas testing of Chinese-developed vaccines.

FM offers help for crisis in Syria

2015-10-13 07:43:15

Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for greater efforts in tackling the current humanitarian crisis in Syria, saying China will continue to offer help.

Air pollution dominates complaints to environmental ministry

2015-10-12 17:38:37

The Ministry of Environmental Protection received 696 public tip-offs about pollution in the first half of the year, more than 75 percent of them about air pollution, it said on Monday.

WHO calls for stricter curbs on tobacco promotion in China

2015-10-12 15:43:04

The annual number of deaths in China caused by tobacco will rise to 2 million in 2030 and 3 million in 2050, according to a research by medical journal The Lancet.

Pilot risks own life to save others after plane's engine fails

2015-10-12 10:19:01

An Air Force pilot put his own life on the line after his plane carrying at least two tons of fuel and 200 rounds of ammunitions spun out of control.

Palace Museum's western part opens for first time in 90 years

2015-10-12 07:56:57

Tourists visit a newly opened area that runs from the Meridian Gate to the Donghua Gate inside the Palace Museum in Beijing that.

Suspect of fishing boat murder caught in E China

2015-10-10 13:08:42

The suspect in the murder of five fishing boat crew in Zhoushan City in East China's Zhejiang province was arrested on Friday evening, local police announced.