Shenzhen widens lead as Guangdong's most modern city

2015-05-13 07:43:06

Shenzhen has pulled away from Guangzhou as the most modernized city in South China's Guangdong province, with innovation and the high-tech industry being the biggest driver of its rapid development, according to a recent report by the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences.

Shanghai serious about proper English signs

2015-05-13 07:43:06

If you see a sign at a Chinese airport asking you to "stand outside one bowl of rice noodle", it actually means "keep a distance of one meter from the person standing in front of you".

No health risk from iodine, authorities say

2015-05-12 07:42:37

Iodized salt does not cause thyroid cancer, which has become more common in China in recent years, health authorities announced on Monday.

Crash sparks call for safety check of plane

2015-05-12 07:42:37

Aviation experts said the Chinese Modern Ark 60 aircraft should undergo safety checks, following an accident during a landing in Fuzhou.

Expert urges higher taxes on cigarettes

2015-05-12 07:21:29

China should raise the tax on cigarettes further to reduce the use of tobacco, and the increased revenue could be invested in the health and medical sectors.

Wenchuan earthquake: Seven years on

2015-05-12 09:02:43

Tuesday marks the seventh anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, which hit Wenchuan in southwest China's Sichuan province on May 12, 2008.

China moves up to 17th in global tourism survey

2015-05-11 04:04:27

Chinese mainland's global marketing effort to increase inbound tourism is paying off.

Anti-terror equipment display event in Yinchuan

2015-05-11 08:55:40

A boy experiences a sniper rifle during the anti-terror equipment display event in downtown Yinchuan, capital of Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region, May 9, 2015.

Contract-based civil service jobs less popular

2015-05-11 15:15:33

Recruiting contract-based civil servants in China is now facing difficulties, as less people are qualified or applying for the posts.

Snow lashes large swathe of China in May

2015-05-11 14:55:12

Front soldiers patrol in snow at Ngari Prefecture, Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, on May 8.

Fugitive arrested after posting selfies

2015-05-11 14:00:28

Chinese police have captured a fugitive who revealed his trace by posting holiday selfies on social media.

Seminars help teachers of migrant workers' children

2015-05-11 12:17:46

About 200 teachers from private schools catering to migrant workers' children gathered at Beijing Normal University on Saturday for free education seminars in various subjects.