Chinese airlines score poorly

2015-08-12 07:21:11

Chinese carriers were among the least punctual airlines in the world last month, and analysts attributed the poor performances to rapidly growing air traffic and bad weather.

Longer weekends promoted to improve tourism

2015-08-12 07:11:48

Employees should be given more flexibility in summer to take half-day vacations on Fridays, giving them extra time for weekend travel, the State Council suggested.

Govt encourages people to work 4.5 days a week

2015-08-11 14:30:55

The Chinese government is encouraging people to work 4.5 days a week in a bid to bolster tourism amid the flagging economy.

Debate grows over reproductive rights

2015-08-11 07:57:32

Sociologist Li Yinhe advocates creating policy that gives single women same privileges as married ones to freeze their eggs for use in the future.

Restored Ming Dynasty porcelain put on display at Palace Museum

2015-08-11 07:57:32

About 160 pieces of porcelain considered not good enough for China's royal court and shattered 580 years ago have finally made their way to the Forbidden City.

Action to be taken as HIV cases among students rise

2015-08-11 07:57:32

Health authorities nationwide were told on Monday to improve coordination with their education counterparts and tell schools regularly of HIV infection among their students to better fight increasing cases of the disease.

China bans immoral songs online

2015-08-11 08:01:11

The Ministry of Culture released a blacklist of 120 immoral songs and ordered relative units to remove them.

Report says corrupt officials get trickier

2015-08-10 07:44:45

Corrupt officials, from high-ranking executives to lowly bureaucrats, are getting more sophisticated in evading traditional investigations, an anti-graft newspaper reported.

Police crack down on overseas gambling site

2015-08-10 07:54:16

Police in Heilongjiang province have broken up a multinational gambling ring involving a website in the Philippines that attracted bettors in China.

Security measures stepped up for mail

2015-08-10 07:12:32

People sending parcels and express mail to Beijing during the period marking the 70th anniversary of victory in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression will have to confirm their identity.

'Most beautiful road on water'

2015-08-10 10:39:35

To avoid destroying a forest, authorities have built a 10.9-kilometer road linking Gufu to Zhaojunqiao in Xingshan county, Central China's Hubei province, that completely bypasses the nearby mountain. Two stretches of the project are two bridges, altogether 4.4km, built over two rivers.


2015-08-08 03:34:05

Annual gaming extravaganza celebrates the return of focus on games as China exerts its authority in the global industry.