Attention please, pole dancer floats in air

2015-06-19 10:36:34

Xiao Ge, a member of China's pole dancing group POLE11, strikes a pose for a special-effects photograph. The group said they wants to promote the popularity of pole dancing as many woman practice it as a new form of exercise in China.

Xi emphasizes innovation on Guizhou province tour

2015-06-18 21:41:38

Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the government of Southwest China's Guizhou province to pursue economic development through innovation during a tour of the province.

Executives see value in sending scions to study overseas

2015-06-18 22:09:52

The majority of Chinese parents planning to send their children abroad to study are senior or higher-level leaders of industry and business, a white paper on overseas study found.

Chinese suppliers strike deals with retail giant

2015-06-18 19:55:20

Retail giant Carrefour signed six purchasing agreements with Chinese suppliers during an industrial fair in Dongguan, Guangdong province on Thursday.

Ministry issues May air quality report

2015-06-17 14:59:42

China's Ministry of Environmental Protection has issued a report on Tuesday regarding the air quality of China's 74 cities during the past month, with 7 cities on the Pearl River Delta among the Top 10.

Electrically propelled satellite planned

2015-06-17 07:49:27

China is developing electrically propelled satellites and plans to send the first one into space around 2020, according to a senior satellite designer at the China Academy of Space Technology.

Investors stage protests over missing $1.2b

2015-06-17 07:49:27

Chinese investors who sank about $1.2 billion into companies in Switzerland that did not have trading licenses have staged protests in Geneva to demand their money back.

Heavy downpour leaves Shanghai flooded

2015-06-17 14:30:51

People cross a flooded road in Shanghai after a downpour struck on Tuesday evening, June 17, 2015.

Belly button challenge takes off

2015-06-17 04:29:28

A new Internet challenge — to show how slender your figure is by touching your belly button by reaching behind your back and around your waist — has taken China by storm.

Beijing leads country in annual income

2015-06-16 16:19:46

Beijing employees earn more on average than others around the country, while experts are calling for a greater focus on income gaps.

Harsher fines help clean up nation's air

2015-06-16 07:43:56

Environmental protection authorities have reined in polluters by using the "teeth" of regulations and laws to levy record fines in the first four months of the year, prompting polluters to clean up their acts, a senior environmental official said.

Checks on imported food to get tougher

2015-06-16 07:43:56

The food quality watchdog is set to further strengthen the regulation of imported foods, which are growing more popular following a series of food safety scandals in China.