TV giants suspend shows for ship wreck mourning

2015-06-06 16:32:35

China's state and other major TV channels have suspended some programs from Saturday to mourn victims of the Yangtze shipwreck

China, Japan reopen finance talks after delay over sour relations

2015-06-06 16:51:34

The Fifth China-Japan Finance Dialogue was held in Beijing on Saturday after about two years of delay due to sour relations.

Crews raise capsized ship to assist search

2015-06-05 23:12:29

The capsized Eastern Star was rolled above water as of 7:30 am Friday, as rescuers worked through the night to right the upturned ship in the Yangtze River.

China rescuers right ship to speed up search for missing

2015-06-05 11:43:46

Top-deck cabins poked out of the water from a capsized ship after disaster teams righted the vessel to quicken the search for more than 340 victims still missing. LIVE report

More countries send condolences over China's cruise ship accident

2015-06-05 11:29:02

More countries sent condolences to China as confirmed casualties rose from the tragic cruise ship accident on the country's largest river.

Test centers set stage for smooth gaokao

2015-06-05 07:40:29

Measures are being taken across the country to ensure that students taking the national college entrance exam, or gaokao, have an appropriate environment for the test that determines university placement for 9.42 million students across China.

14 cities to draw red line to stop urban sprawl

2015-06-05 07:48:53

Fourteen cities across the country will draw the line on urban development this year to control sprawling expansion.

Personal items of sunken ship passengers found

2015-06-05 15:59:19

Personal items belonging to passengers of the capsized cruise ship Eastern Star are salvaged in Jianlin, Hubei province, June 5, 2015.

Death toll rises to 75 from capsized ship

2015-06-04 18:30:37

Death toll from the capsized ship in Yangtze River has climbed to 75, according to information from a press conference organized by the rescue headquarters Thursday afternoon.

Captain's role in focus after ship capsizes

2015-06-04 13:51:00

Born in 1963, Zhang has been working for 35 years and his experience as a sailor was flawless with numerous awards.

Authorities boost security measures

2015-06-04 13:19:30

The Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region's long, porous border and lengthy coastline have resulted in the area becoming one of the major routes for extremists to cross into neighboring countries illegally.

A son's treat ended in tragedy

2015-06-04 07:55:02

Wang Sheng signed up to give his parents a cruise tour along the Yangtze River after seeing a newspaper advertisement. The 38-year-old Shanghai resident said in an interview with Caixin that he wanted his retired parents "to go out to see the world".