Hospital blames gas for blinding patients

2016-04-15 07:04:10

Doctors at the hospital in Beijing had used a batch of a medical gas called perflutren, which is used during eye surgery as a temporary filler.

University graduates are in no rush to start working

2016-04-15 06:53:06

With a record 7.65 million students about to graduate and enter the job market in July, only 6.7 percent said they have failed to receive a job interview.

Former convicts coming in from the cold

2016-04-14 08:18:11

A raft of new measures outlined in the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) will provide greater assistance to organizations dedicated to helping ex-prisoners rejoin society, as Cao Yin reports.

Team offers new hope for transplant patients

2016-04-14 08:18:11

A medical team at a hospital in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, has successfully transplanted a small intestine into an 18-year-old man, overcoming several challenges in completing the notoriously difficult operation.

Fraud fugitive on most wanted list arrested

2016-04-14 09:01:53

A fugitive on a list of China's 10 most-wanted telecom- and Internet-fraud suspects has been seized by police, the Ministry of Public Security said.

Dine in a tree: Shandong's ecotourism attraction

2016-04-14 15:46:49

Two tourists have a meal in a diner on a tree in Wulian county, Rizhao city, East China's Shandong province, April 13, 2016.

Xi says protecting relics a priority

2016-04-13 08:15:49

China's top leadership has reiterated its staunch determination to intensify protection of the nation's cultural heritage in a guideline released on Tuesday.

Top universities give chances to rural poor

2016-04-13 08:31:47

Students in poor, rural regions will no longer need to make the long journey to Shanghai for written tests and interviews to secure a place in prestigious Fudan University.

Barriers still exist for women to lead in key research

2016-04-13 08:31:47

Women's numbers may have sharply increased in undergrad and graduate schools recently, but not so much in science and large government-sponsored research projects.

Stay on top of new normal with kung fu

2016-04-13 14:57:25

The country's economic growth can take some lessons from Chinese kung fu: retreat to move forward; perseverance ensures success; do as nature does, learn from nature and share widely for mutual benefit.

Man who guards the Great Wall

2016-04-12 13:52:30

Xu Guohua, who was born and raised at the foot of the Great Wall, calls himself a "descendant of the Great Wall" because he loves the man-made wonder of the world from the bottom of his heart.