China continues alert for smog

2015-01-25 21:41:21

China's national observatory on Sunday continued a yellow alert for lingering smog in some northern and eastern regions.

Ten cities issue smog alert

2015-01-24 19:30:53

Beijing, Tianjin and eight cities in Hebei province issued a yellow smog alert on Saturday.

China's online population reaches 648m

2015-01-24 15:58:26

China's netizen population, the world's largest, reached 648 million at the end of 2014, 16 million more than in June, according to an industry expert.

Gun crimes in China at lowest level

2015-01-24 12:27:18

Crimes involving guns or explosives in China are at their lowest level for more than a decade, police said on Friday.

Reporter honored for helping clear the name of dead man

2015-01-23 11:36:40

A reporter with Xinhua News Agency who helped restore the reputation of a wrongly executed man was honored for his pursuit of truth.

China rebukes hacking allegation

2015-01-23 07:42:54

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) on Thursday dismissed allegations that Chinese authorities had hacked into Microsoft Corp.'s Outlook email service as "groundless slander".

Ministry vows stricter air quality inspections

2015-01-23 10:19:36

The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) on Thursday said air quality checks would be intensified in 2015.

Euthanasia for dying boy rejected in Anhui

2015-01-23 10:14:12

The debate over whether euthanasia should be legalized in China has become heated after an application by a couple in Anhui Province for their injured one-year-old son was rejected.

Chinese donors give the gift of life

2015-01-22 07:35:10

China's State-level bone marrow bank has facilitated 183 overseas donations involving 19 countries and regions including South Korea, the United States and Germany, the Red Cross Society of China said at a news conference on Wednesday.

'Unhealthy images' prompted re-editing

2015-01-22 07:35:10

A senior official from China's television regulator said on Wednesday that "unhealthy images" are the reason a TV drama about the country's only known empress, Wu Zetian, was edited.

Hurdles in drug fight remain for police

2015-01-22 07:35:10

A lack of focus on the drug problem and insufficient help for addicts are the biggest obstacles police face in tackling drug-related crimes, according to the Ministry of Public Security on Wednesday.