Organs rushed 2,000 km to save a life

2014-12-03 07:45:51

A pair of lungs donated in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, were successfully transplanted into a patient in Wuxi, Jiansu province, 2,000 kilometers away early on Tuesday, thanks to the combined efforts of doctors, airports and Shenzhen Airlines.

Corrupt rail official's mistress gets prison

2014-12-03 07:38:00

China has stepped up its fight against corrupt officials and those near them, judicial experts said, after a Beijing court sentenced the mistress of a former railway official on Tuesday.

Railway Station's staff members show new suit

2014-12-03 07:29:19

Railway Station's staff members show new suit in Lanzhou.

Digital daze

2014-12-03 07:11:33

With the use of smartphones and tablets rising in the country, many Chinese are taking to e-reading. Xing Yi reports.

Database to track fugitives overseas

2014-12-03 04:04:04

China is to set up a database of corrupt officials who have fled overseas, a move announced as more than 150 suspects turn themselves in.

Taiwan leader decides to resign as party chairman after election defeat

2014-12-02 17:16:36

Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou will announce his resignation as chairman of the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) Party Wednesday after the KMT suffered a defeat in local elections held on Saturday, Taiwan's Central News Agency reported Tuesday.

Using the present to preserve the past

2014-12-02 08:18:48

Enthusiastic amateurs are using modern tools, such as social networks and digital publishing, to help save endangered cultural sites and forgotten art forms.

Little Liu lives the cleaner's life

2014-12-02 08:16:47

Six-year-old Liu Yiting helps her grandma clean the fallen leaves in Jinan city, Shandong province.

Invasive plants threaten environment, health

2014-12-02 08:05:31

More than 500 alien species of plants have been introduced to China, threatening people's health and the environment, a study said.

Historic church moved back to original site

2014-12-02 07:53:24

A church in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, is being moved back to its original site six years after it was relocated to make way for a tunnel project.

Expansion of pollution monitoring on way

2014-12-02 07:11:32

China intends to create a monitoring system to oversee all types of pollutants in all areas and demand more effective action from protection teams.

HIV infects increasing number of seniors

2014-12-01 17:05:40

A growing number of the elderly have contracted HIV/AIDS in recent years, according to a new report focused on southwest China's Yunnan province, one of the most seriously hit areas in the country.