Panda lease system to be reformed

2015-07-10 07:49:44

Conditions covering the leasing of giant pandas to zoos are to be tightened after a number of the animals died because they were not looked after properly.

Bereaved seniors turn attention to grandchildren

2015-07-10 08:20:21

There were more than a million families in China who had lost their only child as of 2012. Despite growing reports of childless elderly, their lives have taken on new meaning through their grandchildren. Although being companions and a comfort to them, supporting grandchildren can bring added pressure to already financially constrained families.

New ultrafast helicopters might be ready by 2025

2015-07-10 06:57:04

China should produce prototypes of its two ultrafast helicopters within the next decade, the country's chief helicopter designer said.

China helped cut world poverty rate: UN

2015-07-09 10:55:04

The number of people living in extreme poverty has plummeted since the UN's millennial goals report began 15 years ago, with China's progress in poverty alleviation contributing largely to that achievement.

Most youngsters report seeing bullying

2015-07-09 07:49:14

A majority of students polled in a recent national survey reported experiencing or witnessing school bullying, a finding one expert blamed on the reduction of good social conduct on the Internet.

Beijing says criticism of anniversary 'ludicrous'

2015-07-09 07:48:40

Beijing has criticized Tokyo's response as "ludicrous" after a Japanese Cabinet spokesman publicly denounced Chinese events to mark the fight against the Japanese invasion more than 70 years ago.

Religious worshippers are getting younger

2015-07-09 07:17:08

More than half of religious worshippers under 60 years old, and Islam having the largest number of followers under 30, a report says.

Zen and the art of relieving stress

2015-07-09 11:30:26

Some 70 citizens went to the Yufo Temple on Wednesday afternoon to take part in a 2-day Zen class, where they wear the zen clothes and put away cellphones. They also eat and sleep in the temple like the monks. The temple launched the activity to try to help the residents to relieve their stress from work and social life.

China shares listed in US see selling

2015-07-08 11:39:44

Shares of some US-listed Chinese companies stumbled on Tuesday as investors appeared to flee anything connected to the turmoil of the mainland's stock market.

Stunning photos of China's fighter planes

2015-07-08 09:47:06

Main force aircraft of Chinese Air Force, such as J-10, Su-30 and H-6, are always the favorite of military fans. Now let's have a look at some stunning photos of China's fighter planes.

42 punished over gaokao cheating

2015-07-08 07:52:44

Authorities in Jiangxi province announced on Tuesday that they have punished 42 people, including 22 government officials, in connection with cheating in the recent national college entrance examination.

Tomb relics spur return of silk farming

2015-07-08 07:04:15

The ancient tradition of silk farming could be revived at Turpan in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region as part of a project to restore exquisite clothing and other items up to 2,000 years old found in ancient tombs.