Spending Spring Festival abroad

2015-02-18 09:09:21

Traditions such as spending Chinese New Year's Eve with the family and sitting at dinner tables graced by a traditional spread have made way for new practices, they say, as many Chinese families have opted to spend Chinese New Year overseas in recent years.

Auto fair says adieu to sexy models

2015-02-18 08:50:44

Attractive young women will no longer adorn cars at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in April, organizers confirmed on Tuesday.

Reunion repays debt of gratitude

2015-02-16 07:59:53

Turgonjan Maola returned to his life as an assistant at his son's shop after he fulfilled a 16-year dream - a reunion with two kind landlords - in late January.

Key pollutants to drop in 5 to 10 yrs

2015-02-16 07:59:53

Emissions of major air pollutants are expected to begin to decline in five to 10 years as part of a reduction in total emissions.

Boy travels 1400km to see his parents

2015-02-16 08:33:27

A boy's grandmother takes him on a 1400-kilometer trip to reunite him with his parents for the upcoming Spring Festival.

Luxury sales sag in Shanxi

2015-02-15 18:25:31

The Lunar New Year is not making life for luxury retailers in Shanxi any easier as sales continue dropping amid the ongoing anti-corruption campaign.

Fog disrupts air traffic in South China city

2015-02-14 21:52:31

Heavy fog disrupted air traffic and stranded more than 3,000 passengers at a pivotal airport in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region Saturday.

50 H7N9 human cases reported

2015-02-14 21:07:48

The number of H7N9 human cases in South China's Guangdong province has climbed to 50, with one new case reported on Friday, local health authorities said Saturday.

Award-winner praises science policy

2015-02-14 08:10:50

A scientist who won the International Science and Technology Cooperation Award recognizes the value that China has placed on policymaking.

The things Chinese do for love

2015-02-14 07:22:43

In today's Valentines' Day special, Chinese men vie for the hands of their sweethearts using drones, iPhones, cash, dressing up as Santa Claus,and going half-naked in the snow, with varying degrees of success.

Official says hostage takers shoot selves in Taiwan prison

2015-02-12 09:19:05

A justice official says six armed inmates who held a warden and a head guard hostage at a prison in southern Taiwan have committed suicide after releasing the hostages.

Free treatment to be offered for erectile dysfunction

2015-02-12 14:17:59

Doctors from top hospitals will provide voluntary consultancy and treatment to men with erectile dysfunction in more than 20 major cities in China this year, the China Sexology Association said on Feb 11.