The craft of drum-making

2015-02-25 10:15:39

The city of Yanshi in Central Henan province is famous for its craft in drum-making.

Luxuries help zoo animals stay hot in winter

2015-02-25 07:28:17

Underfloor heating, an incubator and an indoor pool are among the luxury amenities that have ensured that animals at a zoo in Jiangsu province have remained warm and comfortable over the winter.

Ctrip offers staff loans to pay fines

2015-02-25 07:28:17

An online travel agency is offering interest-free loans to staff who have to pay social maintenance fees because they break the family planning policy by having more than the permitted number of children.

Safety issues heat up for firefighters

2015-02-25 07:28:17

Even after 15 years as a firefighter, Dai Yaqiang still has to muster all his courage every time he enters a burning building.

Determined to look ahead

2015-02-25 07:28:17

Walking on her knees is natural for 50-year-old Hu Fenglian, and she has been walking that way for as long as she can remember.

Watchdog vows no letup in fight against graft

2015-02-25 08:11:11

China's top disciplinary body has pledged to persist with its iron-handed crackdown against corruption and other misconduct.

Anti-graft campaign finds public backing

2015-02-25 07:28:17

More than three-quarters of the people believe crackdown is effective, think tank survey shows

Big national birthrate rise signals new peak

2015-02-25 08:03:54

A new peak in births is likely to occur as a result of the relaxing of the family planning policy and could continue for several years.

Tunnel explosion injures 22, one died in SW China

2015-02-24 18:03:06

22 injured people were sent to the hospital and one has died on Tuesday afternoon after an explosion at a tunnel construction site scared off tourists in Southwest China's Sichuan province.

Traffic peaks as Lunar New Year holiday ends

2015-02-24 19:10:51

China's railways, air routes and highways saw surging traffic on Tuesday as the week-long Lunar New Year holiday came to an end.

Planning for the future family as society ages

2015-02-23 05:16:52

Chinese society is aging much faster than expected and with the working-age population declining, children have become a pressing issue for the country.

Ratings of China's Spring Festival gala hit new low

2015-02-22 11:28:05

The telecast audience ratings of Chinese Lunar New Year's gala dropped to a new low, while the number of its online streaming watchers hit a record high.