Cooling of "civil servant fever" draws positive response

2014-12-01 16:45:34

Chinese Internet users seemed pleased with the cooling off of "civil servant fever" as fewer people took the national civil service examination on Sunday.

Tackling AIDS through awareness

2014-12-01 10:19:24

World AIDS Day is a time when people around the world remember and recommit to fighting for the cause. In China, many people, institutions, organizations and communities do the same.

Coal checkpoint near Beijing closes

2014-12-01 07:32:54

A major checkpoint for coal supplies from Shanxi province, which accounts for one-quarter of the country's reserves and output of the fuel, will close on Monday as part of government efforts to improve coal transportation and distribution.

SAT score delays affect thousands

2014-12-01 07:32:54

Test provider delayed results because of investigation into alleged cheating

Interest in civil service declines

2014-12-01 07:32:24

The number of people who were approved to take the national civil service exam and the number who actually took it have dropped from previous years, and part of the reason may be the Party's continuing anti-corruption efforts, experts and insiders say.

Hopefuls sit for golden rice-bowl

2014-11-30 11:31:15

More than 1.4 million candidates sat for the 2015 civil service exam on Sunday.

Rescued babies find new life in adoption

2014-11-28 16:09:30

When Wang and his wife arrived at the charity house in Huizhou early in the morning on Tuesday, it was already crowded with other couples seeking to foster a baby.

Beijing subway: a commuter's story

2014-11-28 11:52:47

There's an old saying about Beijing that "It's a city where one has to force his way in." For Zeng Yuanpeng, the same goes for the Beijing Subway.

Visa change may boost tourism to the US

2014-11-28 07:36:43

Extended durations will enable Chinese travelers easier access to the United States, but could also result in a surge in wealthy nationals moving away for good.

New recruits of frontier defense police

2014-11-28 07:29:13

More than 400 armed police officers of Jiangsu provincial Frontier-Defense Police Department finished their training and are ready to do their duty.

China's local government debt in spotlight

2014-11-28 06:09:20

While the huge amount of local government debt in China has been making headlines for several years, some have questioned the legal guarantee for those debts to be paid off.

Education, graft the hottest topics on Chinese Internet

2014-11-26 16:32:17

A survey finds that 23.8 percent and 22.9 percent of Internet users talk about education and anti-graft issues respectively, much higher than those concerned about environment and real estate.