China imposes record fine in water pollution case

2014-12-31 12:19:42

Chinese state media are reporting that a court in eastern China has issued the country's biggest environmental fine resulting from public interest litigation against polluters.

Hunting down hiding financial suspects

2014-12-31 07:44:10

In April 2012, Wang Guoqiang, former Party chief of Fengcheng, Liaoning province, obtained a passport and visa to attend his daughter's graduation ceremony in the United States.

Public's optimism low that air quality will improve

2014-12-31 07:44:10

Public confidence about improvement of air quality across the country remains moderate at best, according to a recent report from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Stronger pollution law takes effect

2014-12-31 07:44:10

The revised Environmental Protection Law that takes effect on Thursday imposes more severe fines and even comes with the possibility of criminal charges against polluters.

'Miss Leisure World' candidates play war game

2014-12-30 17:47:20

Candidates of "2014 Miss Leisure World" , wearing bikinis and holding laser guns, play the Counter-Strike war game in Sanya, South China's Hainan province, on Dec 28.

Record passenger numbers expected for upcoming chunyun

2014-12-30 09:53:57

China's transport networks will convey a record number of passengers during the upcoming chunyun, a peak travel period around Spring Festival.

Metro use drops slightly as new fare hikes kick in

2014-12-30 07:41:01

There was a slight drop in subway passenger numbers on Monday, the first working day since ticket prices went up, according to the municipal authority.

1,000 years on, the art of fish hunting is in safe hands

2014-12-30 07:40:17

It's still dark at 5 am at Chagan Lake in the Qian Gorlos Mongolian prefecture of Songyuan, Jilin province.

Children step out of Daliang Mountain

2014-12-30 07:29:58

Up to 93 children from Daliang Mountain in southwest China's Sichuan province study at a private music school in Wuhan, capital city of Hubei province.

National Stadium illuminated to greet New Year countdown

2014-12-29 14:41:50

The National Stadium, dubbed "Bird's Nest", is illuminated in preparation for the New Year's Eve, Dec 27, 2014.

China's first 3,000-meter-deep ship hits water

2014-12-29 10:20:55

China's first multifunctional offshore engineering ship that can operate 3,000 meters under the water was put into operation on Sunday, a major progress of China to proceed into the deepwater.

China Siberian tiger park sees 105 births

2014-12-29 07:40:19

This year, 105 Siberian tiger cubs, one of the world's most endangered animals, were born at a tiger park in northeast China's Heilongjiang province.