Woman dissatisfied with result of college degree scam

2016-03-21 11:40:14

Nine officials in the province of Henan have been sanctioned in a case involving a college degree obtained using a fake ID.

Chinese wedding gowns are in fashion again

2016-03-21 07:36:39

The fashion of hand-embroidered special-occasion dresses, like traditional Chinese gowns like Qipao and Guapao, is having a sort of revival in the China market.

China vows to root out soil pollution

2016-03-18 08:07:24

China has widened the scope of its anti-pollution efforts to include soil pollution for the first time.

Cities warm to idea of pollution-free heating

2016-03-18 08:07:24

Geothermal energy could be about to play a much larger role in heating the heavily-polluted cities clustered in northern China that have traditionally been major consumers of coal and massive victims of winter smog, an industry insider said.

Bottlenecks eased for donated organs

2016-03-18 08:07:24

The first lung to be transported between two Chinese cities following a change in civil aviation rules to prioritize donated organs was successfully transplanted into a patient.

Ice jams on China's largest inland freshwater lake

2016-03-18 09:30:58

Ice jams form on the Bosten Lake in Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

More than 100 creative scarecrows attract tourists

2016-03-17 16:38:35

More than one hundred scarecrows are built on one construction site, and open to visitors, in Luoyang city, Central China's Henan province, March 16.

Zootopia promotes illegal fox trading online

2016-03-17 09:53:34

The release of the computer-animated Hollywood comedy adventure film Zootopia has given rise to illegal online sales of fennec foxes.

Top Go player ponders AlphaGo matchup

2016-03-17 08:10:40

The world's top weiqi (or Go) player, Ke Jie, believes he has got what it takes to beat the artificial intelligence program AlphaGo.

Two senior officials subject of graft probe

2016-03-17 08:10:40

Two senior officials have been placed under investigation for suspected corruption as the nationwide anti-graft campaign is picking up steam.

Scenery of blooming cherry and tea garden in Fujian

2016-03-16 16:27:31

Visitors walk on a road under cherry blossom surrounded by tea garden in Yongfu town of Zhangping city, Southeast China's Fujian province, March 15, 2016.

Chinese lawmakers approve five-year plan

2016-03-16 10:15:34

Chinese lawmakers on Wednesday approved the country's economic and social development blueprint for the 2016-2020 period, which sets targeted average annual economic growth of above 6.5 percent in the next five years.