Shenzhen leaps to top of efficiency list in 2 yrs

2015-12-18 07:40:45

Shenzhen makes great leaps in energy efficiency and environmental quality in the past two years, but Beijing loses ground, according to a study.

Pandas prefer choosing their own sex partners, researchers find

2015-12-17 07:14:56

A study suggests that giant pandas paired with preferred partners have significantly higher copulation and birthrates.

Tycoons exchange views on building a cyberspace community of shared future

2015-12-17 12:57:02

The following are the views of senior information technology business executives on how to build a community of common future in cyberspace

China successfully launches its first dark matter satellite

2015-12-17 09:44:59

China's Dark Matter Particle Explorer Satellite was successfully launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu province.

Report: Layoffs may loom next year

2015-12-17 07:35:55

China's "invisible unemployment" will become more visible next year and the government should allow more unviable State-owned enterprises to go under.

China launches satellite to shed light on invisible dark matter

2015-12-17 10:02:24

China on Thursday sent into space the country's first space telescope in a fresh search for smoking-gun signals of dark matter, invisible material that scientists say makes up most of the universe's mass.

China strongly opposes US arms sale to Taiwan

2015-12-17 06:54:07

China summoned the US envoy in Beijing to protest against the $1.83 billion US arms sales to Taiwan and said it would impose sanctions on the firms involved.

Smog hits East China again

2015-12-16 09:51:25

Heavy smog in eastern China on Tuesday made authorities in Shanghai order schools to halt outdoor activities.

China to adopt credit ratings for food, drug producers

2015-12-16 09:48:50

China Food and Drug Administration announced on Tuesday that a credit rating system will be introduced into the food and drug industries.

China to spend $93b relocating 10 million people

2015-12-16 09:37:47

China will spend 600 billion yuan (about $93 billion) in the next five years to relocate about 10 million impoverished people, an official said on Tuesday.

Two Chinese Antarctic expedition teams set off for Antarctic inland

2015-12-16 07:19:43

Two Chinese Antarctic expedition inland teams, including a total of 38 researchers, set off for Antarctic inland on Tuesday.

Weather a bonanza for taxi services

2015-12-10 07:59:07

China's largest mobile-based car-hailing company, Didi Kuaidi, said that since traffic controls were launched on Monday night in Beijing, the number of appointments for private cars has nearly doubled.