China seeks progress in building new type of relations with US

2014-11-05 20:13:18

China again expressed willingness to work with the United States to build a new type of relations between major countries, saying it is normal for both sides to have disagreements in their relationship.

China slams last colonial governor for remarks on HK Occupy Movement

2014-11-05 20:05:35

China slammed Hong Kong's last colonial governor Chris Patten and urged him to stop "inciting the illegal Occupy Central Movement in Hong Kong" on Wednesday.

China renovates Unit 731 site

2014-11-05 19:54:25

China began to renovate the former headquarters site of the notorious Japanese army unit 731 in the northeastern city of Harbin on Wednesday.

More cities join Beijing to ensure blue skies during APEC

2014-11-05 19:44:33

Beijing's neighboring cities have joined Beijing to offer extra holidays and impose an odd-even license plate traffic ban to reduce air pollution during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings.

Mission and vision of APEC Beijing meeting

2014-11-05 19:35:06

The upcoming APEC meeting in Beijing is expected to support economic growth and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region, a goal that the 21 member economies of the premier economic forum have been dedicated to.

Senior official in NW China under graft probe

2014-11-05 19:33:42

A senior official in Northwest China's Gansu province is under investigation for suspected bribe taking, the provincial procuratorate announced on Wednesday.

China hails landmark China-Mexico high-speed rail co-op

2014-11-05 19:31:39

A Foreign Ministry spokesman on Wednesday hailed China-Mexico cooperation on Mexico's high-speed railway project, vowing that China will strengthen cooperation with the world in high-speed railway.

Full probe of Zhou Yongkang case needs time: official

2014-11-05 18:01:55

The investigation in Zhou Yongkang's case is under way and needs time to finish the in-depth process, China's vice minister of justice Zhang Sujun said Wednesday.

Spammers may face $4,900 fines

2014-11-05 17:14:57

A draft law to curtail spam, which runs rampant clogging up mobile phone networks, has been rolled out by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Beijing Times reported.

APEC at 25 years

2014-11-05 16:13:39

Achievements of APEC during the past 25 years.

Lanzhou-Xinjiang high-speed line nears completion

2014-11-05 16:05:02

The Xinjiang section of the Lanzhou-Xinjiang high-speed railway will go into service on November 16. It will be the first high-speed service in China's far west, an official of the Urumqi Railway Bureau said on Wednesday.

Free trade deal beneficial to APEC

2014-11-05 15:26:25

The proposed Free Trade Area for the Asia-Pacific will be good for the region's development and each member economy, an official said on Wednesday.