China live broadcasts pandas' failed natural mating

2015-04-04 10:26:10

Global audiences might be disappointed on Friday after two pandas failed to mate in a matchmaking arranged for the first live broadcasting of the process by a Chinese TV network.

Teaching on a rope

2015-04-03 10:05:30

Zhu Youfang, who suffers from an illness hampering her motor functions, hangs on to a rope in order to stand while she teaches her class at Shangluo school in Chengui town of Daye, Central China's Hunan province on March 30, 2015. Zhu, who has 31 years of teaching experience, has persisted teaching despite her body weakening over the last three years.

"Belt and Road" Initiative turning point for Chinese economy: expert

2015-04-05 19:11:36

The "Belt and Road" Initiative will be a significant turning point for the Chinese economy as it can help promote infrastructure and industrial transfer among different localities, said a Chinese economist.

Less than 50 pct of China's dead cremated in 2014

2015-04-04 16:44:37

Of the 9.77 million Chinese who died in 2014, 4.46 million, or 45.6 percent, were cremated, the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) announced on Saturday.

Former security chief indicted over bribery

2015-04-04 08:42:30

Former security chief Zhou Yongkang was charged on Friday with bribery, abuse of power and intentional disclosure of State secrets.

Miserly couple show life not fair

2015-04-03 11:31:09

An Internet post detailing the ascetic lives of a couple in their early 40s in Shanghai who claim to survive on 20,000 yuan ($3,230) a year is stirring debate in China about the pros and cons of their experiment in frugality.

Summer schools in vogue

2015-04-03 11:31:09

More Chinese students are attending the summer school programs of their dream universities in the United States as competition heats up.

Man apologizes to girlfriend in newspaper ad

2015-04-03 11:58:33

In today's trending, man takes four-page newspaper ad to apologize to girlfriend, a road trip turns out to spell out "Marry Me", balloon travels from China to Japan, live telecast of tomb-sweeping offered, and solid gold shirt makes a splash.

Navy to get 3 new nuclear subs

2015-04-03 07:31:01

Three cutting-edge nuclear-powered attack submarines have been manufactured and will soon be commissioned by the Chinese navy, according to media reports.

Half of wealthiest Chinese live outside first-tier cities

2015-04-03 14:00:13

About 55 percent of the 17,000 super rich people in China, that is, individuals with total assets above 0.5 billion yuan, live outside first-tier cities.

Former world champion Liu Xiang set to retire

2015-04-03 15:34:07

Liu Xiang, China's most decorated track and field athlete, may officially announce his retirement through social media next week.

Policy helps China to urbanize

2015-04-03 05:40:00

The New Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiatives, also known as "One Belt, One Road", would accelerate China's urbanization by offering more opportunities for international exchange.