IMF: More than 2-baby policy needed

2015-11-04 07:29:37

A more relaxed population policy is unlikely to boost the nation's birthrate, while other policies, such as encouraging women and seniors to work, are critical to curb the problems of an aging society, according to the International Monetary Fund.

Tibetan festival Lhapad Duchen marked in China's Tibet

2015-11-04 10:17:00

Monks debate on Buddhism doctrines at the Sera Monastery in Lhasa, capital of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous Region, Nov 3, 2015. The annual Tibetan festival Lhapad Duchen, day to commemorate Buddha's descent from Heaven on Sept 22 of Tibetan calendar, falls on Tuesday this year.

Domestic airplane makes its debut

2015-11-03 08:15:04

The C919, China's first domestically developed large passenger aircraft, rolled off the final assembly line in Shanghai on Monday.

Senior official: US urged not to damage `big picture' of ties

2015-11-03 02:39:32

Yi Xiaoguang, deputy chief of the general staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, on Monday urged the US “not to do things that undermine the big picture of the China-US relationship”.

Online shoppers finding a lot to complain about

2015-11-03 06:53:11

The number of complaints and disputes related to shopping on the Internet rose sharply and the network has become a breeding ground for counterfeits.

'War of love' paints romance in new color

2015-11-03 08:35:22

A 120-meter-long romantic wall "No. 521 Love Road" attracted many visitors in Huanggu District of Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning Province.

Insurance for caring services sought in rapidly aging capital

2015-11-02 08:07:02

A basic insurance policy to cover the costs of nursing care for ailing residents is urgently needed to cope with the rising demand in Beijing as the city's population rapidly ages, a health expert said.

Criminal Law amended to combat terrorist activities

2015-11-02 07:51:25

Five new charges related to terrorism have been added to the Criminal Law in China and took effect on Sunday, the ninth amendment to this law.

Swimmers battle against the cold in ice-covered river

2015-11-02 10:46:36

A winter swimmer dives into the ice-covered Heihe, or Black River, in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province on Nov 1, 2015.

Silent disco yoga class in HK quiets body and mind

2015-11-02 10:00:33

Yoga instructor Nora Lim teaches with the help of a microphone and headphones during a silent disco yoga class in Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park in Hong Kong, China, Nov 1, 2015. During silent disco yoga, the teacher instructs the students via a microphone and wireless headphones, making it easier to communicate in public places without the need for a PA system.

Endangered storks flock to reserve in record numbers

2015-10-30 07:43:03

During their regular patrol to monitor birds in autumn, rangers with Naolihe National Nature Reserve in Heilongjiang province recorded a gathering of more than 700 Oriental storks, an endangered water bird.

Green victory in court seen as setting trend

2015-10-30 07:32:34

Green organizations won a lawsuit against four men for environmental damage in Nanping, Fujian province, on Thursday in the first-ever public-interest litigation since the revised Environmental Protection Law took effect.