Tornado, heavy rain batters Central China's Hunan

2016-05-06 08:38:54

A tornado and heavy rain swept through many parts of the county in the past two days, causing severe damage and disrupting life.

Beijing to cut downtown population this year

2016-05-06 13:57:07

Beijing city government plans to reduce the number of permanent residents at six downtown districts within this year, a senior economic planner said on Thursday.

Palace Museum confirms ancient relics find

2016-05-06 08:06:37

The Palace Museum in Beijing has confirmed the discovery of relics from the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) that were buried for more than 600 years.

Disney promises ‘safe, pleasing service of high quality’

2016-05-06 06:59:59

The project, the first Disney park on the Chinese mainland, was approved when President Xi Jinping was working as Shanghai's Party chief in 2007.

Couple detained for selling their two sons

2016-05-06 08:30:09

A couple in Xixiang county, Shaanxi province, was detained recently for allegedly selling their children.

Foreign idols display performance skills

2016-05-06 08:30:09

Traditional Vietnamese dance, a South Korean group dance, songs from other countries - these were just a few of the performances going on during the finals of the 7th Laowai Idol competition at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing on Thursday evening.

Questions raised in autistic boy's death

2016-05-06 08:30:09

The parents of a boy who died in a center for children with autism has hired a lawyer to help collect evidence against the institution.

World's first rose museum to open in Beijing

2016-05-06 11:22:43

The Chinese Rose Museum, covering an area of 30,000 square meters, is the world's first rose museum.

Sniffing out contraband, canines earn their keep

2016-05-05 07:56:28

Dogs' special skills put to use by mailrooms, border guards, airports

Private investment incentives reviewed

2016-05-05 08:01:35

China will conduct a one-month, sweeping examination of a series of incentives encouraging private investment that were designed to boost the role of such investment in the country's economic development.

Bird traffickers nabbed in NE China

2016-05-05 09:39:03

Police in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province have caught 13 people allegedly involved in illegal hunting and trafficking of migratory birds, authorities said Wednesday.

Sophomores practice skills to be professional flight attendants

2016-05-05 10:15:51

Sophomores learn about tea art at Chengdu Aeronautic Polytechnic in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province, May 4, 2016. Young people train hard to be professional flight attendants at the school.