Nation puts focus on easing ocean disasters

2016-05-13 07:35:02

As a growing maritime power, China is increasingly paying attention to the prevention of ocean disasters, an official said on Thursday.

China faces battle with soil pollution

2016-05-13 07:34:35

Fight against contamination by heavy metals complicated by lack of funds and supervision

GP system planned after student death uproar

2016-05-13 07:35:02

The nation's health authorities will establish a family doctor system to guarantee early response and accurate information for patients.

Overseas help asked for return of suspects

2016-05-12 02:52:23

China called on the international community to help its ongoing efforts to seize suspected corrupt officials who flee overseas.

Harvard University welcomes first Chinese student speaker at commencement

2016-05-12 14:41:17

A student from a small village will become the first Chinese student to deliver a commencement speech at Harvard University on May 26.

Officials provide personal touch in legal disputes

2016-05-12 02:43:08

Ding Jiaqiang, a villager in Guizhou province, never expected the provincial Deputy Governor Chen Mingming to appear in court to directly answer an administrative dispute case against the local government.

Wenchuan Earthquake eight years later: never forget

2016-05-12 10:06:28

A magnitude-8 earthquake jolted Wenchuan in Southwest China's Sichuan province eight years ago, killing nearly 70,000 people and leaving 17,923 missing.

Students' allegations of poisoning dismissed

2016-05-11 09:00:55

Claims made by students in Jilin province, who said they were poisoned after being exposed to toxic substances at their school, were called into question on Tuesday when the local government released what it said was proof the school was free of toxins.

Smoking declines after increase in tobacco tax

2016-05-11 09:00:55

Raising the tax on tobacco products in China resulted in a decrease in tobacco consumption in a country where nearly half of all men smoke, according to a World Health Organization report released on Tuesday.

Family of dead suspect questions police account

2016-05-11 07:58:29

Relatives of a man who died in police custody questioned the official account for detaining the man on suspicion of soliciting prostitutes.

Endangered finless porpoise swim in Wuhan

2016-05-11 10:17:15

The current finless porpoise population is less than 1,000. As one of the most endangered animals, the finless porpoise is mainly to be found in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River and the connecting Poyang and Dongting lakes.

Province seeks 'migratory' seniors

2016-05-10 08:21:40

Heilongjiang promotes northern benefits as a way to enjoy cooler summer season.