Li: Tax reform to boost vitality of real economy

2016-04-05 02:23:32

Premier Li Keqiang's message to the country's tax and financial authorities is crystal clear: The ongoing landmark tax reform must reduce burdens on all industries.

'Exotic names' will soon vanish

2016-04-05 03:08:37

To protect a 'sense of home' and the country's traditional values, a new ban will target place names inspired by overseas locations.

Honoring dead poses a burning question

2016-04-05 08:11:53

Visitors to China might be surprised to learn that pictures of George Washington can be seen on some locally printed currency - not the official paper money, of course, but on some bills burned for the dead during the Qingming Festival, or Tomb Sweeping Day, which fell this year on Monday.

Cui hails China's new normal

2016-04-04 11:18:31

"China and the United States will always have disagreements, but at the same time, we will always cooperate and go forward on the bumpy road," Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai told young people on Sunday. "This will be the new normal of US-China relations."

Two new imported Zika cases in S China

2016-04-02 00:18:51

South China's Guangdong province reported two new Zika cases Friday, bringing the total number of imported infections in the province to 10.

N China's largest photovoltaic project begins to join power grid

2016-04-02 10:44:44

Xinyi photovoltaic power plant, the largest photovoltaic project in North China, officially began to join the power grid on Friday.

New laws aim at ensuring nuclear safety

2016-04-02 07:58:03

China's top legislature is studying a possible new law aimed at ensuring the safety of the nuclear industry, a senior lawmaker has said.

Big floods along Yangtze River likely, authorities warn

2016-04-02 07:22:40

China's flood control authorities are warning of possible big floods this summer as weather and hydrologic factors closely resemble those of 1998, when floods killed at least 3,000 people nationwide.

Chinese tweak tradition to adopt eco-friendly burials

2016-04-01 08:10:21

On Saturday, Chen Qi, an undertaker from Dalian in Liaoning province, set sail for another sea burial. It was an especially busy day for Chen, whose ship was carrying 60 urns from Harbin, Heilongjiang province. Since 2009, 559 people from the inland northeastern city have had their ashes scattered at sea.

Shanxi digs deep to eradicate coal overcapacity

2016-04-01 08:10:21

In this year's Government Work Report, Premier Li Keqiang specifically referred to the elimination of overcapacity in the coal industry.

Google CEO visits Chinese Go school

2016-04-01 08:10:21

Google CEO Sundar Pichai paid a visit on Thursday to the Nie Weiping Go School - one of the top Go training bases in Beijing - with the guidance of Chinese Go master Nie Weiping, for whom the school is named.

Moments in photos in March

2016-04-01 16:13:38