China to move up post-2020 climate goals

2014-12-09 12:27:09

China's top climate official said that the country will present its post-2020 goals for coping with climate change ahead of schedule.

Confucius Institute may diversify funding

2014-12-09 12:27:09

The Confucius Institute program, a rapidly expanding Chinese language instruction and cultural program, is discussing channels of integrating social resources and diversified investment.

HK protest sites to be cleared

2014-12-09 11:03:26

Hong Kong's High Court has ordered the main protest sites that have choked the financial city for months to be cleared from Thursday.

Father makes Transformer figures for son

2014-12-09 08:05:54

A father has made a huge "Optimus Prime" figure for his son as an 18th birthday present.

Official sees bright future for Macao

2014-12-09 07:51:04

The "one country, two systems" plan has been a great success since Macao formally returned to the motherland 15 years ago.

Only quality local goods can kill fakes

2014-12-09 07:51:37

Quite a few Chinese people don't have much faith in domestic products even if they are as good as the foreign ones.

China urges US to block bill on arms sales to Taiwan

2014-12-09 06:38:08

China's Foreign Ministry urged the United States to block a bill related to arms sales to Taiwan.

Heavy metals threaten agriculture

2014-12-08 15:08:59

Severe soil contamination threatens agricultural safety in some parts of China, the Economic Information Daily reports, citing experts at the 4th China Forum on Environmental Remediation Development Strategy.

Trending: Dog-on-head man wows audience

2014-12-08 11:24:27

Firm donates unfit clothes, man drives with a dog on his head, test of strength proves costly, and paralyzed beggar turns out to be healthy.

Monitoring for water diversion begins

2014-12-08 09:32:04

Operation of the first phase of the middle route of China's South-North water diversion project will soon begin, and water quality monitoring is underway.

New rocket on drawing board

2014-12-08 04:34:44

Long March-9 expected to raise nation's capability for space expeditions. China is conducting preliminary research on a super-heavy launch vehicle that will be used in its manned missions to the moon.

Kid killed in SW China earthquake

2014-12-06 22:08:18

A nine-year-old boy was killed after 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck southwest China's Yunnan Province on Saturday evening.