Senior provincial legislator in NW China removed from post

2015-02-01 14:59:44

Lu Wucheng, a senior legislator of northwest China's Gansu Province, was removed from official post and stripped of status as a national law-maker on Sunday.

China to speed up agri modernization through reforms

2015-02-01 20:17:56

China will step up reforms and innovation to speed up agricultural modernization in 2015.

Tibet offers reward to anti-terror tip-off

2015-01-31 19:42:09

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region will offer up to 300,000 yuan ($$48,003.8) to whistle blowers with clues concerning violent terror attacks in a move to promote stability in the region.

Head of China Minsheng Bank resigns

2015-01-31 19:40:43

China Minsheng Banking Corp said on Saturday that its president Mao Xiaofeng had resigned for personal reasons, hours after several Chinese media outlets reported he was being investigated by China's anti-corruption watchdog.

China opens National Biosafety Laboratory in Wuhan

2015-01-31 16:14:44

China's first laboratory for studies on highly contagious and fatal diseases was inaugurated in Wuhan, capital city of Hubei province Saturday.

Regulation forbids lavish buildings

2015-01-31 03:21:36

The central government has issued a regulation forbidding county authorities in poverty-stricken areas from building lavish office buildings, a senior official said on Friday.

MH370 verdict reached

2015-01-30 07:53:15

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was officially declared an accident on Thursday under international aviation rules, according to Malaysia's Department of Civil Aviation.

Group charges money to help stuck drivers

2015-01-30 11:48:09

Social media heats up over 'helping hands', two suffer heatstroke in winter chill, family with 11 children sparks debate, lake refuses to be a parking space.

China's gender imbalance concerns reborn

2015-01-30 15:27:31

China's gender imbalance issue is back in the spotlight, after pregnant villagers in east China were alleged to be illegally determining the sex of their unborn children.

Program to tackle child poverty

2015-01-30 13:21:32

The government will boost the nutrition and education of millions of children up to the national average by the end of 2020, according to a press releases issued by the Ministry of Education at the State Council’s weekly policy briefing on Jan 30.

2.8 billion trips expected during spring festival in China

2015-01-30 11:43:11

A total of 2.807 billion trips are expected to be made by Chinese people during the Spring Festival travel rush, according to the Ministry of Transport Thursday.