Tough training at Tianjin bodyguard camp

2016-03-09 09:42:06

Future bodyguards take training under the guidance of an instructor in Tianjin municipality in March, 2016. Over 80 trainees take part in the 28-day training session to develop sufficient skills to become bodyguards.

Students in traditional dresses celebrate Women's Day

2016-03-08 11:18:49

Female university students participate in a Coming of Age ceremony in Songcheng scenic spot in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on Monday.

Beijing might not normalize car restrictions

2016-03-08 11:10:25

Questions about vehicle restrictions in Beijing have been brought up on the sidelines of this year's NPC and CPPCC sessions.

Property investments most profitable in past decade

2016-03-08 10:59:33

Real estate has been the most profitable area for investment over the past decade as housing prices in metropolises soared, according to a new survey.

Female condom made in China receives WHO approval

2016-03-08 09:09:22

A female condom produced by a Chinese company has been prequalified as safe and effective by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Population Fund, allowing it to be widely distributed to the public.

China going green at rapid, near-record rate

2016-03-07 11:08:24

China is making great strides in its green-energy efforts, according to an environmental expert.

International status is rising

2016-03-07 10:48:53

China's global status rose last year, and the Sino-Russia relationship was "satisfactory", according to a majority of participants in a recent survey.

Older society presents big challenges for future

2016-03-07 08:05:29

The aging of China's population will present serious challenges in the decades ahead, particularly in healthcare, according to a survey.

Beijing streamlines its visa procedures

2016-03-07 08:14:14

Foreigners will be allowed to apply for a visa, a stay permit or a residence permit through the public service section of the website.

Baozi chain set to take on America

2016-03-04 16:25:18

A Hangzhou-based chain specializing in baozi, kind of food that couldn't be more familiar in Chinese daily life, is set to launch an overseas branch in America.

China's consumer goods industry to grow by $200 billion

2016-03-03 18:24:46

China's consumer goods and services industry will grow by $200 billion by 2020, accounting for about 60 percent of growth in Asia, a report said.

Mixed reactions on China's plan to raise retirement age

2016-03-04 19:30:04

For millions of Chinese, retirement is still a long while off, however, their concerns for it have arrived a lot sooner than expected.