Rare cats verified in northwest

2016-05-26 07:47:05

Researchers have confirmed that snow leopards live in areas south and north of Qinghai Lake in Northwest China's Qinghai province.

Nation's students are more vulnerable to internet attacks

2016-05-26 07:47:05

China's high school students are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks compared to those in other countries, a survey released on Wednesday has found.

Road sign indicates distances from South China Sea issue

2016-05-26 00:25:59

At first glance, a road sign indicating the distance to New York and Bangkok, as well as other destinations, may seem out of place on tiny Yongxing Island, which hosts the city government of Sansha, but it has become a landmark in its own right.

Children scale 800-meter cliff on way to school

2016-05-26 07:31:06

Local government promises to build a makeshift steel ladder to replace the rattan ladder as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the villagers.

Kids climb vine ladder in 'cliff village' in Sichuan

2016-05-25 08:28:55

Children climb up a cliff on a vine ladder to an isolated village on the top of a mountain in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture, Southwest China's Sichuan province, on May 14, 2016

Nuclear rescuers readied for 2018

2016-05-25 07:53:47

China plans to have completed the assembly of a national nuclear emergency response team by the end of 2018, an official overseeing the nation's nuclear power industry said.

Asian nations attract more Chinese students

2016-05-25 03:24:24

Some of China's regional neighbors are becoming popular choices for Chinese choosing to study abroad, according to a survey.

A girl with AIDS and her isolated life

2016-05-25 09:43:12

A small farm house, a bamboo grove, a bicycle, a skipping rope and a flock of chicken and ducks – this is virtually the whole world for an 11-year-old girl living with AIDS.

WHO:260,000 die in China due to road accidents

2016-05-24 11:07:04

Worldwide, 1.25 million people die from road traffic injuries each year, and another 20–50 million people sustain nonfatal injuries as a result of road traffic collisions or crashes.

Baby shark born in NE China

2016-05-24 09:00:32

The oceanic whitetip shark named Mercury was born on May 15, 2016 and is the first baby whitetip shark born in Jilin.

Fisherman, 81, says others came to islands late

2016-05-24 08:22:08

When Su Chengfen started his fishing life at the age of 13, there were no traces of foreigners in the Nansha Islands.

Hospitals cut back on antibiotic use

2016-05-24 08:04:30

The use of antibiotics in Chinese hospitals has dropped by 40 percent since the top health authority began to curb their overuse, said a senior expert.