Awesome! Aerial pictures taken on J-11 fighter

2016-01-26 10:47:35

Military photographer Liu Yinghua withstands high g-forces, dizziness, nausea and vomiting to witness the combat capability of the PLA Air Force. Here are several photos taken by Liu.

Pawnshops offer alternative services

2016-01-26 08:08:08

College students and their teachers in need of quick cash or secure storage for their belongings are turning to pawnbrokers for low-cost loans and as a safe haven for their cars and electronics.

Marines conduct live-fire exercises in Xinjiang

2016-01-26 08:08:08

The Marine Corps of the People's Liberation Army Navy conducted its first live-fire drills in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region over the weekend, the Navy said in a statement.

Smoother, faster ride home for upcoming Spring Festival

2016-01-26 08:07:36

High-speed trains with comfort, Starbucks coffee onboard, free Wi-Fi in stations, and phone apps for ticket purchase. As the Spring Festival travel rush kicked off on Sunday, hundreds of millions of Chinese found that their journeys for holiday homecomings have become much smoother and faster.

Cold snap brings joy and beauty to south China

2016-01-26 08:18:00

Many in south China shivered over the weekend as a cold snap broke decades-old records and snow fell in some cities for the first time in years.

For some foreigners, 'green cards' are a disappointment

2016-01-26 07:47:39

Many foreign experts living in China say that obtaining a "green card" has not given them all the rights equal to Chinese residents.

Roof of Shanghai subway leaks due to low temperature

2016-01-25 21:18:50

Staff at Jinjiang Park station on Shanghai’s subway Line One clean water leaking from the roof, Jan 25, 2016, which had begun letting in water at about 6 pm, probably as a result of the city’s low temperature. Several doors were closed and passing trains were not affected. Shanghai’s temperature on Sunday, with a low of minus 7.2 degrees Celsius, was a record low for 35 years.

China grants amnesty to 31,527 prisoners

2016-01-25 20:28:54

A total of 31,527 prisoners, most of whom were juveniles when they committed crimes, have been released in an amnesty deal, according to an official statement on Monday.

China to increase elderly bed numbers

2016-01-25 19:43:07

China plans to increase geriatric nursing beds to 35-40 per 1,000 patients by the end of 2020, up from 30:1,000 in 2015.

Tibet faces decisive poverty battle: official

2016-01-25 17:54:43

Tibet has a huge task ahead to reduce by 690,000 the number of people living below the poverty line by 2020, regional poverty relief officials said ahead of the annual meeting of the Tibetan Regional People's Congress, the local legislature.

'Frozen' becomes buzzword in extreme cold

2016-01-25 16:14:45

Dongzhule (frozen) became a hot topic on Chinese social media and ranked among the most-searched words on Baidu during the extreme cold weekend.

Spring Festival is approaching; When are you getting married?

2016-01-25 15:49:17

As Spring Festival, an occasion for family reunions, is approaching, young people returning home from their jobs in the city will face another round of scrutiny from older relatives about whether or not they will get married soon.