China releases new rules on online map services

2015-12-14 17:29:10

China introduced a set of new regulations for online map services as part of a broader update on Monday.

Qingdao subway system to launch in December

2015-12-14 16:23:46

The thriving East Chinese city of Qingdao will welcome a new subway system, which is also the first subway in Shandong province, by December 16, when trial operation begins.

Infographic: Twenty years of Internet milestone

2015-12-14 14:57:05

Twenty years of Internet milestone

Palace Museum's 'emoji' of cultural relics goes viral

2015-12-01 15:45:43

The Palace Museum is having fun with some artifacts again by releasing a series of light hearted emotions unearthed from its cultural relics.

Wuzhen 'ready to host', with full WI-FI coverage

2015-12-14 13:39:30

The eastern Chinese water-town of Wuzhen is gearing up to hold the Second World Internet Conference on December 16.

College dedicated to low-carb tech to opens in Shanghai

2015-12-14 11:15:29

China's first college for the study of low-carbon technology is to open next year at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in cooperation with world-leading experts from the UK's University of Edinburgh.

Delay 2nd baby, experts say

2015-12-14 08:06:42

Senior family planning experts warned that a low awareness of contraception immediately following childbirth might undermine Chinese women's efforts to have a healthy second baby.

Iris Chang: A light in the darkness

2015-12-14 08:06:42

Iris Chang wrote those lines in 1978, when she was 10, and 19 years before her harrowing book, The Rape of Nanking, brought her worldwide acclaim.

Coffee 'cupper' brews up a recipe for success

2015-12-14 08:06:42

Every weekday morning, 60-year-old Zu Zhide roasts raw coffee beans, grinds them, sniffs, brews and then slurps, loudly.

Air pollution jumped to alarming levels last month

2015-12-14 07:44:09

Recent spells of severe smog engulfing northeastern and northern regions of China contributed to November's alarming rise in pollution levels.

Officials in northeast admit faking growth numbers

2015-12-13 21:22:18

Several local officials in China's Northeast region sought to explain dramatic economic drops in their areas by admitting they had faked economic data in the past few years to show high growth when the real numbers were much lower, Xinhua News Agency reported on Friday.

Hubei curbs lake decline by reversing reclamations

2015-12-13 14:17:39

Nearly 1,700 hectares of farmland illegally reclaimed from lakes in Central China's Hubei province has been returned to its natural watery state in a campaign launched three years ago.